Au Sable River


Down the Au Sable River

by Roger S Nelson

In 2006 I canoed all the way from Grayling to Oscoda, from near the headwaters of the Au Sable River to Lake Huron.  There is a well known race where canoeists paddle all night long and arrive Sunday morning to finish in Oscoda in about 15 hours.  However, for me, if was more like a float down.  My partner, Jerry Bradberry, and I didn't paddle any more than we had to and we took our time so the trip took us six days (our goal was seven days.)  We both had a wonderful time and I used this trip as the background for my third novel, The Fuschia Croc.

Canoes at Borcher's
Start at Borcher's canoe rental
1st night
State forest campground
tents set up
tents up
Jerry's in front
Rog's in back
canoes landed
canoes at landing
covered bridge
covered bridge on tributary
Jerry's dreamhouse 
Jerry's dream house
third morning, taking down tent 
Jerry taking down tent
smooth water  
mirror smooth water on pond in morning
breath taking!
view upstream from tent 
view upstream from tent
drying clothes  
rained every day
drying clothes
view downstream from tent 
view downstream from tent
steep road  
steep road in hill
biker's challenge
another portage
dam after portage 
looking back at dam
view from tent  
remote campsite
view from tent
no bears. Whew!
view outside tent door 
remote campsite
Jerry's tent
rain on the pond  
rained most of the day
a rainy day  
still raining
Au Sable River Queen boat 
Au Sable River Queen coming up behind
Old Orchard Camp, drying out 
Old Orchard campground
view from tent  
view of Foote pond from tent
start of last day 
another beautiful morning
Jerry Paddling  
Jerry in the stern
I'm in front  
Rog in the bow
Foote Dam  
Foote Dam
sand dune  
sand dune
overlooking Foote Dam 
overlooking Foote Dam
portaging, shove the canoe down 
Shoved the canoe over the side
let 'er slide!
Way to portage
happy landing  
End of the trip
DNR launch site
On Lake Huron pier in Oscoda 
Rog on pier at Oscoda
Jerry on pier 
Jerry on pier at Oscoda