Horseback Riding

Horseback riding
June Nelson ride

June Nelson memorial ride

September 15, 2013, in honor of my mother, June Nelson, her friends at the Nelson Ranch ride to the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, have lunch, and lift a toast my mom. This is a ride she liked to do until she quit riding when she was 71. Sadly, I never rode with my mom. I was busy bicycling then and I managed to take her out on my tandem once, but the subject of horseback riding together never came up. Since I don't have my own horse and probably never will, a friend loaned me her horse to ride this day. She rode the horse to the lunch area and I rode it back, following my brother. I can see why Mom liked this so much, it is beautiful here.


Riding to horse tunnel.wmv

Riding to horse tunnel.mp4

Riding to horse tunnel.wma


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