Ride the Rockies
Erie Canal

Erie Canal

Erie Canal 2008 tour
0. Buffalo
1. Medina
2. Pittsford
3. Seneca Falls
4. Syracuse
5. Rome
6. Canajoharie
7. Scotia
8. Albany

Day 1, Buffalo to medina

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The first day of riding, we rode along the Niagara River and beside abandoned canal parts, took a boat ride through the locks at Lockport.  It was in these huge locks where Linc tells his story of being buried alive in a tomb in Egypt.

support rider
support rider, the pink whirly gig on back of bike tells you that
support rider
support rider, he's there if you need help
locks at Lockport
Locks at Lockport
locks at Lockport
another view of locks
canal below locks
canal below locks, where you boar tour boat
bike trail on left
bike path leaving Lockport
stone dust path
path is stone dust
lift bridge
lift bridge over canal
tour boat
tour boat
tour boat
another tour boat
original locks
the original four locks (on left of path), are replaced by two now
entering lock
entering locks
lock gates closing
at the bottom of the lock
lock filling
water going up
inside tour boat
in tour boat
lock opening
lock gate opening