Ride the Rockies
Erie Canal

Erie Canal

Erie Canal 2008 tour
0. Buffalo
1. Medina
2. Pittsford
3. Seneca Falls
4. Syracuse
5. Rome
6. Canajoharie
7. Scotia
8. Albany

Day 4, Seneca Falls to syracuse

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pictures: set 1, set 2

Rode easy this day and took a lot of pictures.  Visited the Park's Sims Store, a re-creation of a 19th century general store.

another support rider

Bike route 5 crosses New York east/west.  Nice.

Bike route 5.  Notice the price of gas.  It was high in 2008

gray dust on bike from riding on stone dust bike path

another shot of dirty bike

it's a long way across New York

a lot of people died from yellow fever building the canal

some idiot put mardi gras beads on dead animals along the way

abandoned canal part turned into park

park sign

nice mural on the wall

salt industry sign

wood pipes for the salt industry

another view of wood pipes

this guy rode self supported

all kinds of bikes, here's a recumbent