Ride the Rockies
Erie Canal

Erie Canal

Erie Canal 2008 tour
0. Buffalo
1. Medina
2. Pittsford
3. Seneca Falls
4. Syracuse
5. Rome
6. Canajoharie
7. Scotia
8. Albany

Day 4, Seneca Falls to syracuse

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pictures: set 1, set 2

Rode easy this day and took a lot of pictures.  Visited the Park's Sims Store, a re-creation of a 19th century general store.  We went inside the Syracuse Zoo for dinner and while we were in there, there was a sudden thunderstorm.  When we came out there was a beautiful rainbow.  Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of it.

a different kind of recumbent

there were a few tandems, even a recumbent tandem

Bike Friday, a foldable bike

there I am, in front of the Park Sims store

I'm taking a picture of...

woman with her recumbent

taking a picture of me.  We exchanged pictures later by email

inside the Park Sims store, a rest stop for bikers, and souvenirs

abandoned canal part

old stone aquaduct supports still stand, wood trough rotted and long gone

another view of aquaduct

this aquaduct went over a stream

another sag rider

Horse at the Syracuse Zoo.  I love its colors

other side of horse.  We camped at ate dinner here

a tent cot