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Stephen A. Haboush

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by Roger S Nelson

These three related scenes are from my 2nd (unpublished) book Love Was When.  This humorous adventure/romance is about a man who goes on a horse back riding trip across Michigan. 

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     Bill was at his motor home under his awning resting. Doug took one of the empty chairs there and sat down. "I enjoyed your message this morning."


    "I guess I have some questions."

    "Don’t we all."

    "This idea about God becoming a man, so we could understand Him is interesting. You said this was Jesus. How do you know that?"

    Bill thought for a moment and said, "There are several things to consider. The Bible tells us things about Jesus. He could perform miracles, like changing water into wine or raising the dead. He also rose from the dead himself, and was seen by many witnesses afterward. Jesus himself claimed to be the Son of God. The angel told Mary that she would bear God’s Son. If you believe the Bible, this is not a problem."

    He continued, "If however, you don’t believe the Bible, or are not sure about it, consider this, the people who wrote it gave their lives for the faith. After the crucifixion, every one of them turned their backs on Jesus and denied Him. After the resurrection, every one of them came back to Him. Even doubting Thomas. What would make them change their minds? Especially since it would ultimately mean their untimely death?"

    "OK, I’m not sure what I believe. But in your message you said that I could connect to God through Jesus. I think I would like to connect to God.  But how can I do that since Jesus isn’t around any more. Even if He is resurrected, no one has seen him for over a thousand years. I don’t get it."

  Jesus outside the grave  "After the resurrection, Jesus was around for about 40 days. It was during this time when he actually showed himself alive to people after having been dead, that the disciples all started to believe again. Jesus said he had to go to the Father and after he did that He’d send the Spirit to come and live in us. On the day of Pentecost, that is 50 days after the resurrection, this actually happened. The Holy Spirit came down and started dwelling in the first Christians. He still does this today. I have the Holy Spirit living in me. The Bible also calls the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Christ."

    "So this Spirit living in you, is this the connection?"

    "Yes. Exactly." 

    "It’s like having a part of God in you?"


    "So, how do you get this Spirit?"

    "Very simply, you ask for it. God wants to connect with you, and will. But it’s your choice, too."

    "OK, thanks. I think you’ve helped." Doug got up to leave. He wanted some time to think. "I’ll see you later."