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My Short Stories

1.  Robo-Trainer
2.  Accidental Identity
3.  Hating Valentine's Day
4.  Winter Olympics
5.  Way Down In My Shoes
6.  Gullible People
7.  The English Channel
8.  The Coffin
9.  Mars Canals
10. The Shoe Tree 
11. Ten Mile Time Trial

My Short Stories

Other Writing

man writingShort stories are listed below but I also wrote the items under Believing and the Tandem Talk articles under Bicycling/Tandems.  I've also written 5 (unpublished) novels in an adventure-romance genre that are a mix of romance, sports, Christianity and humor with a touch of fantasy.  They all take place in Michigan, present the gospel in a non-preachy less traditional way, and just for fun they all have a shoe theme as well.  The novels are not posted on my web site, but summaries are on my novels page.

   Since I'm unpublished, if you're a book agent or publisher, take a look at what's here and consider taking me on or passing my name on to someone who is.

Short Stories

1.  The Robo-Trainer  -  What if your  boss wanted you to build a companion robot for runners, a robot to run along with a runner and help him/her train?  But you hate running.

2.  Accidental Identity  -  What if you were running with a robot and had an accident with a motor vehicle?  Sparks fly and when you come to, you are in the robot's body.  Then you discover the robot is in your body.

3.  Hating Valentine's Day  -  What if it's a crappy winter day in Michigan, snow has blocked roads, accidents are all over the place, and you're an auto insurance adjuster.  It's Valentine's Day and there's no love in sight, except wouldn't you love to be in south Florida now?

    The stories below are drafts to be adapted into my next novel and were all written in 2010.  The characters are all in my previous novels except for Linc and Sheryl.

4.  Winter Olympics  -  What if one of the Winter Olympic games is a snowball fight? 

5.  Way Down In My Shoes  -  What if you were born on Saint Patrick's Day, and on your birthdayyou woke up feeling lucky way down in your shoes.  Would you buy a lottery ticket?

6.  Gullible People  -  What if you wanted something really bad and a friend told you this unbelievable story about how you could get it?  Would you take a chance?

7.  The English Channel  What if you were crossing the English Channel and a mermaid rescued you when you accidentally fell in?

8.  The Coffin  What if you were visiting the great pyramid in Egypt and accdentally fell into a secret chamber and couldn't get out?

9.  Mars Canals  What if you were hitchhiking in New Mexico and unknowlingly stole a ride into a secret military base, and then got sent to Mars when you unknowlingly hid in a space ship?

10. The Shoe Tree  What if you accidentally threw some shoes into a tree in your yard, and the next morning there were more pairs of shoes in the tree.

11.  Ten Mile Time Trial  What is it like to ride a bicycle as hard as you can for 10 miles?