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My Short Stories

1.  Robo-Trainer
2.  Accidental Identity
3.  Hating Valentine's Day
4.  Winter Olympics
5.  Way Down In My Shoes
6.  Gullible People
7.  The English Channel
8.  The Coffin
9.  Mars Canals
10. The Shoe Tree 
11. Ten Mile Time Trial

Other Authors

Reading and writing go together.
Writing implies reading, but reading doesn't necessarily imply writing. 
Writing is more creative, though both can be entertaining.

new & used book sign<

Some of the many authors I enjoy include those shown here and Lillian Jackson Braun, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Sarah Paretsky, Spider Robinson, J. K. Rowling, Isaac Asimov, C. S. Lewis, Sarah Strohmeyer.

Carole Nelson Douglas

Rog & Carole Nelson Douglas

Ms. Douglas' books challenge me over and over as a reader, to pay attention to details and is, for me at least, an intellectual exercise as much as entertainment.  I especially like her Midnight Louie series.  Picture taken May 1, 2003 in Lansing, MI.

Sarah Peretsky

Sara Paretsky & Rog

Sarah Paretsky in Okemos, MI, July 7, 2005 after I purchased her latest V. I Warshawsky novel, Fire Sale. (click on picture for larger image)

Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown

Went to a book signing in Fenton, Michigan.  Had this taken with my cell phone and purchased her latest book, Chill Factor