Wood Sorrel
Finding clover

4-leaf Clovers

 Side by side 4-leaf clovers



Often, if you find one 4-leaf clover, another one will be nearby.



Six-leaf clover

The one on the right has six leaves. It's actually quite small, about the size of a dime. Click on the picture for larger image.






4-leaf clovers






Some four-leaf clovers I've found. Clover can vary greatly in size. The big ones I call field clover and they have reddish flowers. The little ones are dutch clover and have white flowers.  The brown one on the bottom right is a five-leaf clover. It turned brown because I put it in the tape before it had dried enough. Sometimes the leaves are a little chewed up by a lawnmower or insects.

The penny is there to get an idea of the size.

Click on the picture for larger image.


4-leaf medic

4-leaf medic


These are four-leaf medics I found this year.  The one on the top is five-leaves. They don't get big but are about the same size as the smaller clovers.

Click on the picture for larger image.








4-leaf wood sorrel


Wood Sorrel - 4 leaf

Found this 4 leaf wood sorrel in Texas on 12/15/2013 at Paradise Park, in McAllen.  This hasn't been pressed yet.  Notice the heart shaped leaves.