Wood Sorrel
Finding clover


Collecting 4-leaf clovers is fun and is supposed to bring you good luck. I have always been lucky, even without the clover. I mean, I have to be lucky just to find one, right?  And I have found more than a hundred, but I've met a lot of people who have never ever seen one.


I've been collecting primarily 4-leaf clovers, but I've also found a few 4-leaf medic and at least one 4-leaf wood sorrel.  Are these lucky too, or is just clover lucky? I've never heard that wood sorrel or medic are lucky, but since a lot of people think they are clover, I suppose they are lucky too. or at least as lucky as clover is.


Here are some of the superstitions of four-leaf clover:

1: Make you able to see fairies and leprechauns.

2. Ward off evil or witchcraft

3. Eat it or put it in your shoe to help you find a mate. A young woman seeking a mate should either eat a four-leaf clover, or put it in her shoe, first thing in the morning. The first unmarried man she meets will be her future spouse.

4. Put it in your shoe to help you take the right path.

5. Put it in your wallet for economic prosperity.

6. Wearing either a three or four-leaf clovers will bring you good luck, as a three leaf clover is symbol of the Holy Trinity. Tradition has it that Eve took a clover from the garden of Eden so having clover in your garden is like having a little bit of paradise there.

7. Take it to the Bingo hall and rub it over every card you buy.

8. Do not take a four-leaf clover lightly. Fate has given it to you and if you despite it by throwing or giving it away, it will turn against you.