Wood Sorrel
Finding clover


Clover is a three-leaf plant and comes in different varieties. Dutch clover is small with white markings with white flowers and is found in many lawns, expecially older lawns. Many well kept lawns do not have clover as Scott's Weed and Feed kills it. Clover is semi-perennial. It will live for two or three years and unless it can reseed itself it will die out.  Field clover is a lot taller with bigger leaves and has reddish flowers.



clover & flower


Dutch clover in lawn with flower.  Clover often has the white markings about a third of the way up from the base.  Medic and wood sorrel never have these markings.


St. Patrick used the three leaves on the clover to symbolize the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The three leaves can be for faith, love, and hope. The fourth leaf is for luck.


There are over 300 different varieties of clover.





Clover, wood sorrel, and medic ofter grow together. Can you spot all three in this picture?

All three plants