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Finding clover

where to find clover

With over 300 different kinds of clover, it is found pretty much world wide. Nevertheless, when you go looking for it, a lot of times there none is to be found. New lawns generally do not have it since grass seed does not have clover seed in it and if the lawn was sodded there is no clover there either. A lot of people consider clover a weed, and Scott's weed and feed will get rid of it. People with immaculate lawns do not have it. This often includes business like banks, hotels, and churches, schools and anyone who uses a lawn service company.

Clover, however, has nitrogen fixing bacteria on its roots and will help make the soil more fertile. A few people plant clover in their yard instead of grass in low traffic areas. but probably a mixture with grass works better.

Although clover is a perennial, it only lives for two or three years and if it cannot reseed itself because of bad weather, or lack of pollenating insects, it will die out.

Clover seeds can usually be found at a local feed store. The smaller white, or Dutch clover is good for lawns because it doesn't grow too tall. Frequent mowing will probably keep the taller clovers from reseeding themselves.

Places where I've found clover are in older city or state parks and yards and that don't use a lawn care service.