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Carole Nelson Douglas

We share a common name, Nelson, but have no known kinship.  I started reading her books on a whim; at the time I was fascinated with cats and also colors, so when I saw Cat in an Indigo Mood I bought it.  I enjoyed it so much that I started emailing her.  Later I met her at a book signing in Lansing, and in March 2004, visited her in Fort Worth.

black cat

Midnight Louie - a black cat solves crimes and protects Temple Barr

victorian lady

Irene Adler is the only woman who out-smarted Sherlock Holmes.  Join her is this wonderful adventures.


A new series, Delilah Street stars in a unique paranormal series

Fantasy and Sci-fi are provided by the Sword and Circlet series, and Probe and Counterprobe.  The Taliswoman series is not finished.

two hearts.
There are three modern romances and three historical romances

Other books that aren't in a series

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long list

Carole Nelson Douglas has  a long  booklist.

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Rog and Carole at booksigning

Roger Nelson and Carole Nelson Douglas at a book signing in Lansing, Michigan, May 13, 2001.  I'm dressed in black, like an older Max Kinsella (from the Midnight Louie series).

Carole and Rog with manikins

Carole and I at her home in March 2004.
The manikins represent see no evil (dark glasses on right), speak no evil (cloth over mouth on left), and hear no evil (behind Carole with earmuffs)

fancy shoes

Some of Carole's prize shoes.  Midnight Louie shoe on the right.  The one in the middle has a spiral heel.  The left one is also fancy but is hard to see in this shot.

kitty litter cake

Kitty Litter Cake - One of Carole's recipes from the book Death Dines In.