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Midnight Louie
Irene Adler


by Carole Nelson Douglas

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Midnight Louie short stories
          1992 Maltese Double Cross
          1993 Sax and the Single Cat
          1994 Coyote Peyote
          1996 Dog Collar
          1997 Iä Iä Iä-Iä Cthulouie! (reprinted as Something Fishy)
          1998 A Baker Street Irregular (also Irene Adler)
          1999 The Mummy Case
          2003 Something Fishy (previously printed as Iä Iä Iä-Iä Cthulouie!)
          2004 License to Koi
          2005 Junior Partner in Crime
          2006 The Riches There That Lie
Irene Adler short stories
          1992 Parris Green
          1995 Dracula on the Rocks
          1996 Thief of Twelfth Night
          1998 Mesmerizing Bertie
          1998 A Baker Street Irregular (also Midnight Louie)
Other short stories
          1994 Christmas Magic
          1995 Catch a Falling Angel
          1995 Dirty Dancing
          1997 Sunset: A Monologue In One Act
          1997 Cold Turkey
          1999 Alice Holds the Cards
          1999 Shadows of My Father
          1999 Night Owl
          2000 Texas Bound
          2002 Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes
          2004 Scrogged: A Cyber Christmas Carol
          2004 Special Surprise Guest Appearance By...
          2005 Strangers in a Strange Land
          2006 Lawn and Order