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 Sword and Circlet books

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This series actually has five books (not three) starting with the Six of Swords.  With the 3rd book, CND changed publishers, and since it was the first book of the new publisher, it was called the Sword and Circlet series, book 1.

     The Six of Swords and the Seven of Swords are also cards in a Tarot deck, used for fortune telling or meditation, but I don't think CND meant any hidden meanings here, it's just a coincidence.  There are six swordsman in the first book, and a seventh sword in the last book.

     CND is generally very good at using colors, but I thought especially good in this magical adventure series, which is also somewhat of a romance.  The romance is not built on the fluff of sexual attraction, but deep sense of love between Kendric and Irissa, they are each ready to give their life for the other, and they poke at one another with their differences, yet underneath there is an acceptance and respect for those differences. There is much magic in these worlds CND has created, and also her words have a magical effect on her readers.  An excellent series, I enjoyed it even more the second time I read it.

Six of Swords

First book -     Irissa, a seeress, finds a swordsman mortally wounded.  She uses her special magic to save his life, but in so doing, loses the way to her own people, Torlocs, who go through a get to another place, Edanvant.  Kendric, doesn't particularly like Irissa at first, but joins with her to help her find her way back to her people.  After seeking him, they escape Geronfrey. When they finally find a gate, Irissa tries to take Kendric with her.  Kendric leaves his sword in Rivendell.

Exiles of the Rynth

Second book -     Irissa and Kendric find themselves not in Edanvant where they intended, but in the Inlands of Ten.  Irissa is captured and loses her magic.  Kendric rescues her and gets some magic of his own.  They escape Geronfrey again, and go on to defeat a powerful Torloc wizard with help from the Rynx.  When they finally find a gate, they each have five new rings, each ring with a special power. 

Keepers of Edanvant

Third book -     Listed as book 1 in the Sword and Circlet series, this is actually the third book.  (CND changed publishers, it's the first book with the new publisher.)  Irissa and Kendric get to Edanvant, but things are not what she expected, the Torloc women are at war with the Torloc men.  Irissa and Kendric get married.  Geronfrey power reaches across the gate.

Heir of Rengarth

Fourth book -     Book 2 in the Sword and Circlet series, Kendric feels Geronfrey's power in Edanvant.  Irissa is poisoned, and Kendric goes off the fight Geronfrey's evil power.  He falls through at gate into Rengarth.  Irissa recovers and goes to rescue Kendric.  She falls through a gate into Rengarth also.  Geronfrey has created a living likeness of Irissa named Issiri.  Geronfrey is driven from Rengarth.  Irissa has a baby girl.  There are high hopes she will be a seeress like her mom.

Seven of Swords

Fifth book -     Book 3 in the Sword and Circlet series, Irissa and Kendric's two children are growing up.  Kendric is growing old, Irrisa isn't.  They need Kendric's sword he left behind in Rivendell to extend his life.  Kendric is mortally poisoned.  Irissa and their two children, Javelle and Thane, seek to rescue him.  Geronfrey is finally defeated.