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Cup of Clay Seed Upon the Wind

Taliswoman series
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(Red Swan  - see below)

Cup of Clay

  Allison, a modern woman, goes north to a family island for a camping trip and finds herself in a strange new world. She rescues some children from slavers.  She meets some new people and ends up in a singing contest, which she wins.  The man she is with is awful jealous of her, because he thought he would win.  The prize is a cup of clay.  She takes the cup back to his castle and his family and is pretty much ignored and looked down upon because she is a woman.  She helps the man complete a quest.  This book is full of imagination and mystery.

Seed Upon the Wind

  After returning to her own world, Allison again finds herself in this mystic world.  She finds elf like people who fly airplanes made from a lighter than air metal.  She meets giant people, who manufacture the airplanes for the little people.  She meets wizards who destroy the planes.  Somehow, the problems of this world are related to pollution in her own world.  She helps complete another quest and then finds herself back in her own world.  More rich imagination and mystery.

The Red Swan

  This book hasn't been written/published yet, and it's not likely to be unless enough people write to the publisher and request it. Please write the publisher and request this book be published, I'd really like to know how it turns out.  I've written them twice.

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