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by Carole Nelson Douglas

CND is known mostly for her fiction, but has occasionally written things that really don't fall into that category.

My First Sci-Fi Fantasy

How to Write a Romance and Get it Published, 1983, by Kathryn Falk
Part of a large book, over 500 pages, this is a short article about what CND wrote in the Six of Swords.

Chilled Marble Cheesecake

Fantasy Cookbook, 1991, compiled by Doreen Webbert & Jean Goddin
A recipe, published by the 1991 World Fantasy Convention. Book has approximately 50 recipes. I'm not a cook, I haven't tried any of them yet. Anyone want to volunteer to make me something? <grin>

Shadows of My Father

Fathers and Daughters: A Celebration in Memoirs, Stories, and Photographs, 1999, edited by Morgan, Jill M. 
This book is a collection of short stores, most of them fiction but containing a lot of truth, about the author's relationship with her father.  CND tell's about her early life.  Her father died when she was three, so she doesn't have many memories of him, but other people took his place in her life, Uncle Car. Aunt Nell, Uncle Chris, grandparents.  Interesting.  The book as a whole is very good, some of the stories in it are very moving.

Texas Bound

Forever Texas, 2000, edited by Blakely, Mike  and Goldman, Mary Elizabeth 
This book is a collection of writing by Texans.  CND, a Minnesotan, tells about moving to Texas

Midnight Louie's Kitty Litter Birthday Cake

Death Dines In, 2004, edited by Claudia Bishop and Dean James
The book is a collection of short mystery stores, each with a recipe at the end.  The birthday cake recipe is at the end of License to Koi (see Midnight Louie Short Stories).  My wife made it and took it to a church potluck where it was a big hit, in spite of the fact it looks soooo gross!  See picture on CND main page.