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From Claudette Rogers  May 24, 2001
Hi, I am a really big fan of Carole Nelson Douglas and of course Midnight Louie. I started when I was subscribing to a book club, and got hooked from there. Just finished reading Cat in a Diamond Dazzle and am ready to embark on the next Midnight Louie adventure!! What a wonderful writer!  I have also read the first two books of the quartet, and what she went thru with that publishing firm. Again, thank you for letting me have my say!!  
Thank you, Claudette. 

CND is a wonderful writer.  I'm sure you'll enjoy Cat With An Emerald Eye.
From:  Karna Jo
Subject:  Blue Dahlia/WCOO trivia
Date:  Mon, 9 Jul 2001
    Hi! Just wanted to mention a couple of things about the  trivia for CND. "Blue Dahlia" was a 1946 movie from an original screenplay by Raymond Chandler.  This of course goes great with Carmen's singing style.  The Blue Dahlia of the movie was a nightclub too.   I thought the movie was based on a true murder, but researching it found that the "Black Dahlia" murder case was named after the movie. I think Lucy Arnez played the Black Dahlia on a tv movie about the case, but I'm afraid I don't have time to research that right now.  Thought you might want to know..
     WCOO- I hadn't thought of your point about it being obviously fake when on the wrong side of the Mississippi.  I HAVE wondered if it was named to be similar to WCCO, which has been Minnesota's top AM station since the dark ages....both Carole & Temple came from the Twin Cities.    I had fun reading your web site.... Thanks for the info.  I hadn't seen the movie or read BLACK DAHLIA.  When I did a search on the internet for WCOO I did find WCCO by accident.  Someone made a typo on their page and one of the Cs became and O.
From: Kamala Hughes
Date:  Fri, 6 Jul 2001
    I have completed the ML series (except for the quartet) and I am anxiously awaiting the next book! The characters feel almost like family. Mrs. Nelson Douglas is very connected to her fans, and should be commended for her pet adoption efforts. When I see folks with a multitude of pets, I always think of her words in the news letter: 'No one needs seven pets, but those pets need them'. I am starting on her Irene Adler series, as well.
p.s. Thanks for listing the titles in the series. It helped me locate the name of the last book in the ML quartet.

Glad I could help.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the Irene Adler series, too.   Since I started reading the ML series, I got two cats, myself.
From :   Jo Ellyn Clarey
Subject :    CND fan site / Clarey 
Date :    Sun, 05 Aug 2001
    Hi, Rog--Just discovered the link to your CND site from her webpage. What a lot of work--thanks for doing it. Just two quick things for now:
1) T.S. Eliot wasn't Irish, however much he wrote about Sweeney--you might want to change that piece of information. His heritage was quite English.
2) Sometime, when you have time (!), it would be useful to have publication dates for the books you so scrupulously list. Last: do you live in Michigan?  I see your picture with Carole was taken at her appearance in Lansing last spring.

Thanks for the info.  I'll correct it. Also, I'll put the copyright dates on as soon as I can get to it. I do live in Michigan,  near Lansing, actually, but I would have driven to another state to see her. 
You're next.  Send me an email: