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by Carole Nelson Douglas

The Prequels - The Series - Short Stories

Midnight Louie is a large (almost 20 pounds) black cat, a male tom, that comes and goes where he pleases and fancies himself as a private detective and guard.  He claims 13 is his lucky number and that he is 13 years old in Cat and the Jack of Spades, chapter 7.  This creative and imaginative series is not just a mystery, but also a romance is slow motion.  These books are very funny, a subtle funny, not slapstick or stupid.  I laughed out loud many times during each of them. 

The Prequels

Crystal Series Cat and a playing card series
1990 - Crystal Days

1999 - Cat and the King of Clubs
1999 - Cat and the Queen of Hearts
1990 - Crystal Nights

2000 - Cat and the Jill of Diamonds
2000 - Cat and the Jack of Spades

 The books in the Crystal series, Crystal Days and Crystal Nights, each contain two stories.  The stories were highly abridged from the submitted manuscripts, and CND after gaining sufficient status in the publishing industry, had them reprinted without the cuts and only minor revisions, so you can enjoy them in all their glory.  Crystal Days has the same stories as The Cat and the King of Clubs and The Cat and the Queen of Hearts.  Crystal Nights has the same stories as The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds, and The Cat and the Jack of Spades.  I recommend skipping the Crystal series and just read the Cat and the playing card series, that way you get the full versions.

     The Crystal series are out of print, but can still be found on the internet using e-bay or other book sellers. 

    The Cat and the Playing Card books are special collectors edition and available only in hard cover.  I really enjoyed them and CND tells me they should be worth more than I paid for them someday.

    I recommend reading at least one of the above sets since they set the stage for Midnight Louie the Crystal Phoenix, and some of the other characters found in the book series starting with Catnap, thereby adding to the enjoyment.

The Midnight Louie Series

1992 Catnap 2003 Cat in a Neon Nightmare
1993 Pussyfoot 2004 Cat in an Orange Twist
1994 Cat on a Blue Monday 2005 Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit
1995 Cat in a Crimson Haze 2006 Cat in a Quicksilver Caper
1996 Cat in a Diamond Dazzle 2007 Cat in a Red Hot Rage
1996 Cat with an Emerald Eye 2008 Cat in a ShapphireSlipper
1997 Cat in a Flamingo Fedora 2009 Cat in a Topaz Tango
1997 Cat in a Golden Garland 2010 Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme
1998 Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt 2011 Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta
1999 Cat in and Indigo Mood 2012 Cat in a White Tie and Tails
1999 Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit 2013 Cat in an Alien X-Ray 
2000 Cat in a Kiwi Con 2014 Cat in a Yellow Spotlight
2001 Cat in a Leopard Spot 2015? Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit
2002 Cat in a Midnight Choir  

Since Cat on a Blue Monday, the series has sort of followed a 'cat and a color' pattern which should end in  'Cat in a Zebra Suit' (or something similar).

Midnight Louie short stories

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1992 Maltese Double Cross
1993 Sax and the Single Cat
1994 Coyote Peyote
1996 Dog Collar
1997 Iä Iä Iä-Iä Cthulouie!
1998 A Baker Street Irregular

1999 The Mummy Case
2003 Something Fishy (Iä Iä Iä-Iä Cthulouie! reprinted)
2004 License to Koi
2005 Junior Partner in Crime
2006 The Riches There That Lie