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People from the Midnight Louie Prequels

by Carole Nelson Douglas

person Where found / bio
Austen, Stevenson Eliot from Cat and the Queen of Hearts, a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Named after famous authors, he taught Darcy's writing class, now writes the Nightcrawler series of books, has horses and married to Darcy McGill
Brown, Encyclopedia One of the Glory Hole gang, was responsible to a large part for Jill O'Rourke's (granddaughter of Eight Ball) education.
Diamond, Johnny from Cat and the Jill of Diamonds, night club singer at the Crystal Phoenix, real name is John Leonard Dimond and is from Hicksville, Ohio.
Diamond, Jill professional gambler (poker) and granddaughter of Eight Ball.  She saved Johnny Diamond's life from a hit man and is now married to Johnny.  They have a baby daughter named Samantha Jane.
Dove, Danny Choreographer for the Crystal Phoenix
Ferguson, Cranky One of the Glory Hole gang.  Mentioned only once in Cat and the Jill of Diamonds.

Fontana, Nicky

Nicky Fontana, owner of the Crystal Phoenix Hotel, is married to Van (Vanilla) Von Rhine.  Their daughter is Cinnamon.  Nicky's dad was killed at Nicky's birthday party due to lead poisoning (a mob hit) and his uncle Macho Mario Fontana is now head of the family (with mob connections).  Nicky has nine older brothers, Rico, Aldo, Eduardo, Armando, Ernesto, Emilio, Julio, Giuseppe, and Ralph. Nicky's grandma, Mama Tinucci, left Nicky eight million dollars earned in the pasta business in Venice, California.  Nicky use the money to renovate the Joshua Tree into the Crystal Phoenix.

Fontana, Mario Macho Mario Fontana, Nicky's uncle, has mob connections.  Nicky is the white sheep of the family (everything is up and up with him).  A couple of Mario's men include Bullseye and Meatlocker who helped rescue Solitaire.
Four Queens Revue Darcy McGill, Jo Hastings, Trish Reilly, and Midge Mancini, a night club act at the Crystal Phoenix.
Fresco, Al a mob boss in Las Vegas, he keeps trying to sabotage the Crystal Phoenix.  Incidentally, alfresco is an Italian word meaning out in the open.  Fresco is a technique of painting in water colors on wet plaster.
Glory Hole Gang A group of old guys who robbed a shipment of silver dollars before World War II.  Jersey Joe Jackson hid the treasure.  After the treasure was found, they opened up Three O'Clock Louie's at an obscure site, Temple Bar, on the north side of Lake Mead, and are involved in various other investments and activities.  Includes Wild Blue Pike, Encyclopedia Brown, Cranky Ferguson, Eight Ball O'Rourke, Spuds Lonnigan, and Pitchblende O'Hara.
Hastings, Jo The Queen of Clubs in the Four Queens Revue, a tall blonde

Jackson, Jersey Joe

Jersey Joe Jackson, a ghost who lives in room 713 of the Crystal Phoenix.  His real name is Hezekiah Joseph Jackson.

Lonnigan, Spuds One of the Glory Hole gang, and the cook in the new Temple Bar restaurant.
Maxwell, Walter Nicky Fontana's attorney


Bookie, rhymer, and sometimes messenger, his real name is Egbert Teague

Mancini, Midge The Queen of Spades in the Four Queens Revue, has jet black hair, is the oldest in the group.
McGill, Darcy A dancer, the Queen of Hearts in the Four Queens Revue, she has long brown hair and is originally from Ohio.  She went to high school in Las Vegas, is a friend of Nicky Fontana, and wants to be a writer.  Her measurements are 36-25-26, same as Van's.  Her real name is Ramona Catherine McGill, and her sign is Gemini.
O'Hara, Pitchblende One of the Glory Hole gang.  Pitchblende is a uranium ore, a dark brownish-black color, which was the color his hair used to be when he had it.
O'Rourke, Eight Ball One of the Glory Hole gang, in Catnap, a private investigator, E. P. O'Rourke.  In pool, the eight ball is the last one on the table, and O'Rourke lasts to the end of whatever he does.  In the Cat and the Jill of Diamonds he is called Ned once.  He is Jill Diamond's grandpa.  He told Temple in Catnap that he's been in business for 19 years in Vegas and worked for Brinks before that.  Hmmm.
Pike, Wild Blue One of the Glory Hole gang, a pilot, hence Wild Blue.  He brought help to Solitaire when Solitaire was being chased by hit men.
Reilly, Trish The Queen of Diamonds in the Four Queens Revue, a red head
Sirene Darcy McGill's pretend sister - a night club dancer Darcy makes up in her writing and then pretends to be her because she doesn't want the professor to know that she herself is a dancer.
Solitaire A loner from Australia, aka Sylvester Smith also Solitaire Smith.  It turns out his real name is Lord Reed Warwick Silvestre and he is an English Lord with a large inheritance.  He married Gayle Tyson, from Kansas, and they now spend half their time in England and half in Las Vegas.
Song, Chef Chef Song, a formerly from Hong Kong, lost a fortune gambling in Las Vegas and ended up a chef for the Joshua Tree, now the Crystal Phoenix.  His name is Sing Song.  At first, he didn't speak English except "Okie Dokie".  He wife, Madam Song, translated for him.  He took some English lessons and gets by now. They have six kids name after the Chinese dynasties, Ching, Chien, Han, Ming, Kang, and Sung.
Tyson, Gayle from the Jack of Spades, a bank manager from Canton, Kansas, who visits Las Vegas and is infatuated with a baccarat referee named Solitaire.  Formerly married to Joe, a firefighter who died in the line of duty, she was a widow for eighteen months before her trip to Las Vegas.
Von Rhine, Van Van (Vanilla) Von Rhine is the daughter of a Hotel executive and grew up in all the best hotels all over Europe.  Nicky hired her to come to Las Vegas and give his hotel "class".  Her parents are both dead, her mother (Althea) died when she was young and her dad (Erik) died a short time before she came to Las Vegas.