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by Carole Nelson Douglas

Leopard Spot - Midnight Choir - Neon Nightmare - Orange Twist

Cat in a Leopard SpotCat in a Leopard Spot

Osiris, a leopard, is stolen from the Cloaked Conjurer.  Max and Temple visit Rancho Exotica, where "canned hunts" are arranged.  Max tries on several disguises investigating the murder of a Cher Smith.  Temple takes Savannah Ashleigh to People's Court.  Matt is given an Oroborous ring to wear, swaps his new Millennium Volkswagen Beetle for Electra's old pink Ford Probe, and breaks off a budding relationship with Janice Flanders.  Molina gets a new look.  Midnight Louie acts to save a panther from being shot.  It appears that Midnight Louie and Yvette lose their cat food contract to Hyacinth and Maurice Two.


Cyrus Van Burkleo, owner of Rancho Exotica.  Solved

Cat in a Midnight ChoirCat in a Midnight Choir   

Midnight Louie visits the north side of town and runs into a gang of cats.  It turns out his mom (Ma Barker) is the leader of the gang.  She calls him Grasshopper.  Midnight Louie and Midnight Louise form a partnership, Midnight, Inc.  Louie steals a pendant from Hyacinth.  Shangri-La and Hyacinth are working with the Cloaked Conjurer.  Temple celebrates the opening of the Jersey Joe Action Attraction and gets a red Miata convertible.  Temple discovers Ophiuchus.  Molina is trying to pin the murder of Cher Smith on Max so Temple starts her own investigation by disguising herself and selling G-strings in strip joints, and almost becomes another victim . Midnight Louie and his mom's gang of cats starts howling, which attracts attention and the help that rescues Temple.   Matt's stalker, Kitty the Cutter, kidnaps a teenager and users her as a hostage to force Matt to her will.  In order to lose his desirability to his stalker, Matt spends a night with a call girl, Vassar.  Vassar ends up dead the next day.


Vassar (Ashley Anderson in Neon Nightmare).  Unsolved

Cher Smith (from Indigo Mood).  Solved

Cat in a Neon NightmareCat in a Neon Nightmare

Vassar's death has created a lot of soul searching.  Max gets a new disguise, Phantom Mage, to penetrate a new club, Neon Nightmare.  He becomes a provisional member as Max Kinsella, a former magician.  Not satisfied, he tries infiltrating a 2nd time, and almost gets caught.  Fortunately a friend thought dead, Garry Randolph, pulls him out.  Midnight Inc., (Louie and Louise) team up and solve the mystery of Vassar's death, an accident.  They work together and save Max from a possible bullet via Kitty the Cutter, who ends up with a fatal motorcycle accident.  


Ashley Anderson, aka Vassar, call girl Matt met at the Goliath (from Midnight Choir).  Solved

Kitty O'Connor aka Kitty the Cutter. Matt's stalker, died in motorcycle crash. 

Garry Randolph (see Emerald Eye) is alive.  A double (No name given) that Garry hired had the heart attack.

Cat in an Orange TwistCat in an Orange Twist   

Temple gets a job working for Maylord's furniture store.  The store is shot up and then there are two murders, a PR person's nightmare.  Max is busy working at the Neon Nightmare, Temple feels somewhat abandoned by him.  Midnight Louie gets involved in relocating Ma Barker's gang to the lot across from Maylord's.  Rafi discovers Carmen in Las Vegas.  Temple parlays with Rafi while looking for clues.  Midnight Louie actually fingers, er paws the crooks.


Simon Foster, artist and Danny Dove's life partner, stabbed.  Solved.

Beth Blanchard, sales associate at Maylord's, stabbed and hung up. Solved.