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  in the series by Carole Nelson Douglas

      It fascinates me that a cat can speak so many other animal languages.  What a polyglot!  I suppose this means he really could speak to humans also, but he prefers to stay mum; the model of discretion.

Book Chapter The Prequels
King of Clubs none in this book
Queen of Hearts 7 Butch the Bowser, Midnight Louie says the Butch chased him under a fence
18 Mehitabel an alley cat, also mentioned in Catnap.
Jill of Diamonds none in this book
Jack of Spades 3 Yvette, Savannah Ashleigh's cat, see Pussyfoot, chpt. 8.
Book Chapter The Series
Catnap Prologue Archy - a cockroach
Prologue Mehitabel an alley cat  (he must have known Mehitabel by association with Archy)
Prologue Baker and Taylor, a pair of Scottish fold library cats
13 Ingram - a snooty intellectual cat who lives in a local bookstore
13 Sassafras - a former female cat friend of Louie's, mentioned in the short story, Maltese Double Cross
Pussyfoot 8 the divine Yvette, officially Diamond Bleu Moon Sirena Yvette, a pure bred shaded silver Persian at 6.8 lbs, owned by Savannah Ashleigh
Blue Monday 6 Karma, Electra Lark's psychic birman, cream colored, white paws, dusky face, ears, and tail
6 Moshe the mouser, Louie's friend at Beth Israel
8 Maurice the spokescat for Yum Tum Tummy cat food, Louie actually meets him in Chpt 11
9 Peter - a big yellow cat that was nailed to Blandina's door in Chpt 13 - Louie gave blood that saved his life - the convent homebody
9 Paul - a pale yellow fat cat - the convent roamer
25 Caviar - black shorthair alley cat - Temple buy's her from the Humane Society - renamed Midnight Louise - probable daughter of Midnight Louie
There were a lot of other cats in this story that didn't have names
Cat in a Crimson Haze 27 dog at a dumpster - either a pit-bull shepherd mix or a Samoyed.  In chpt 31 Louie says the dog from the dumpster is back, making me think it's the same dog, but it's a different breed. No name.
31 Three O'Clock Louie - Midnight Louie's dad, at the Temple Bar restaurant on the north side of Lake Mead
Diamond Dazzle 32 Midnight Louie talks with a hunting hawk to find a clue, no name
Maurice, Midnight Louise, and Yvette are also in this story
Emerald Eye 40 Kahlúa - a black panther - borrowed by Max for special effects
Karma, Ingram, Maurice and Three O'Clock Louie are also in this book
Flamingo Fedora 15 Westie (Wescott) a terrier Louie meets in the lobby of the Goliath
Golden Garland Prologue Socks Clinton, the white house cat is claimed to be a personal buddy
13 The Sublime Solange, a shaded golden Persian, the Divine Yvette's sister, Solange is the Sun, Yvette the Moon
40 Matilda, the house cat at the Algonquin hotel, a gray and buff tabby
 Hyacinth Hunt 30 Hyacinth, a lilac point Siamese, aka Shanghai Showblossom and Blood Orchid
49 Tabitha & Catarina, Mariah's kittens, brown tigers
Midnight Louise, Ingram, and Karma are also in this book
Indigo Mood 5 Furbelow, aka Fanny, a long haired white cat with one yellow eye and one sky blue eye
5 Wilfrid, a tiger cat, rescued and nursed back to health my Midnight Louie and Midnight Louise
21 Nose E, a Maltese lap dog, dope and bomb sniffer, Midnight uses him to identify the murderer
Jeweled Jumpsuit 19 Chatter, a chimpanzee
29 Trojan, and eighteen foot anaconda snake
33 Rising Sun, a palomino horse (also Domino)
33 Honey, a French poodle (also Getlo, a chow)
Midnight Louise is also in the story
Kiwi Con 16 Midnight Louie talks with some dyed-green Kiwi birds
30 Hyacinth is back
Leopard Spot 24 Golda and Groucho, a couple of Yorkshire terriers, used by Louie and Louise to track a murderer
33 Butch, aka Midnight, Ebony, Inkspot, and renamed at the end to Lucky, a black panther
35 Osiris, a leopard, stolen in the beginning of the story, but ML doesn't meet him until later.
Midnight Choir 4 Ma Barker, Midnight Louie's mom, (she calls him grasshopper) leader of a gang on the north side
29 a great Dane - unnamed dog, friend of Midnight Louise
Nose E., Midnight Louise, and Karma are also in this book
Neon Nightmare 10, 43 Blue's Brother - blue parakeet, witnessed Vassar's fall
37 Coyote with no name - Midnight Louie fights him to protect Midnight Louise
Yvette is also in this story
Orange Twist 35 rairie dog, unnamed
Red Hot Rage 5 Midnight Louie, Aldo's race horse
Red Hot Rage 8 Taco & Belle Savannah Ashleigh's pet chihuahuas
Sapphire Slipper 6 Bruno and Horst, german shephered guard dogs Louie nails on the nose
Sapphire Slipper 11 Baby Blue, aka Satin, former black cat friend of Midnight Louie and possible mother of Midnight Louise.  Adopted as the cathouse cat.
Topaz Tango 28 Topaz, black short hair, house cat at the Oasis hotel
Ultramarine Scheme 4 Butch, rottweiler delivers message to Louie
Ultramarine Scheme 31 Gimpy, part of Ma Barker's gang (I'm not sure where he first appeared)
Ultramarine Scheme 41 Blackie and Black Jack, black cats related to Midnight Louie, part of Ma Barker's gang
Short Stories The Animals
Sax and the Single Cat Nose E. -4 lb dust mop dog drug sniffer
Ingram, the bookstore cat
Cheetah Habanera -Havana brown cat
Socks -Bill Clinton's Daughter's cat black & white shorthair.  Other first cats include FDR's Slippers, and Amy Carter's Siamese, Misty Malarky Ying Yang.
Kitty Kong -unseen big boss cat, the King of Cats
Midnight -Socks' sister in Arkansas
a strange tom - marmalade colored messenger from Kitty Kong
A Baker Street Irregular Absinthe and Malise, a couple of green snakes, all the animals in this story are staying with Sarah Bernhardt
Otto, a boa constrictor
Guillotine, a black panther
Melange and Fifi, a couple of dogs
Pocahontas, an opossum
Coyote Peyote Don Coyote, head honcho coyote, the American Indian legendary Trickster, Dirty Old Man, hires Louie to investigate coyote rders
Fideaux, a small, blonde, yappy, fluffy dog
Sings-with-soul (widow) and Yellow Foot-feathers (victim)
Moonfinder (widow) and Sand Stalker (victim)
Windswift (2 year old female) and Weatherworn (tribe elder), both coyote victims
Happy Hocks, coyote youngster, works with ML, eats poison, but upchucks it later and survives
Maltese Double Cross Sassafras (mentioned in Catnap), Louie's secretary, sometimes nurse, gal Friday, and sometimes more, two toned autumn haze color
Miss Wonder Leigh, smoke gray with long legs and blue eyes, also goes by Blanche White, and Babette Blue, has a sister Whimsy
Manny the Manx, Louie's leg man and victim, and Iva Manx, Manny's widow, a white hot platinum blonde
Thursday, Wonder Leigh's partner, another victim
Spongecake, a Maine Coon cat, also called Fat Cat or Spongie
Jewel Thebes, a black cat with with white feet
Wilmar, a pet of Spongie's, turns out to be Whimsy or Wilma Leigh, Babette's sister in disguise
Captain Jack, the pilot who flew in with the bird, another victim
Sergeant Doghouse and Lieutenant Dandy ( a Scottie), the police
"the bird, a raven, crow, or mynah, no name, says ""Nevermore""."
Dog Collar Ritzi, a small french poodle owned by Mitzi Malone, a showgirl
Bear, a white pit bull who works in the movies, helps rescue Louie and Ritzi in the desert
Iä Iä Iä-Iä! Cthulouie! Yvette, Savannah Ashleigh's cat
The Mummy Case "Heart of Night, the ancient ""Midnight Louie"" in Egypt"
Eye of Night, Hear of Nights mother, supposedly mummified
Ampheris, counter of Royal Vermin, tells Heart of night about the mummy
Kemfer, the jeweler's companion, described the mummy to Heart of Night