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Amberleigh   -   Fair Wind, Fiery Star   -   Lady Rogue

   There are two pictures of each book on this page, the original printing (on the left) and a second printing by a different publisher (on the right).  For Lady Rogue the second printing was also a restoring of much of the original story which was editor cut in the first printing.  The second printing is substantially longer, and even has a different copyright date.  I suspect that there may have been some editing on the second printing of the other two stories as well, and recommend reading the second printing if available.

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   To me, this is more of a woman's type story, that is, it has a lot of type of things woman are interested in.  For me, it sort of rambled at the beginning, without direction.  The woman in this story first hears that her dad has committed suicide.  She goes to American to work as a governess, gets a letter from the mother of a school friend asking her to come to Ireland and stay with her as she is sort of depressed and needs help.  She quits her job and goes.  She meets some interesting people and political subterfuge, but doesn't know who to trust.  Even her school friend isn't what she seems.  So she muddles through on her own, doing the best she can, not talking with anyone about anything.  Then a murder is committed.  Although the book seemed slow and without direction at the beginning, things eventually start coming together and the book has a very satisfying ending.  I did enjoy this book.  If you start this book, I recommend you be patient and stick with it.

Fair Wind, Fiery StarFair Wind, Fiery Star


  This book takes place mostly on the high seas between London and Barbados.  The daughter and son of a deceased Barbados plantation owner are taken captive by pirates.  The daughter escapes and eventually reaches London where she uses her riches to rescue her brother.  Her brother turns out not to be exactly what she thinks.  A handsome ship's captain eventually wins her heart.  I learned a lot of history reading this book.  Very good.

Lady RogueLady Rogue

Lady Rogue old Lady Rogue new  

  This book was my favorite of the three on this page, a rollicking good time.  Rue Morgan, daughter of a vile man, turns of age and goes to any length to take revenge on her father for his meanness.  Rue ends up in Bedlam, a mental institution.  Her lover ends up a slave on Barbados.    They both get rescued and her father ends up dead.  But who killed him?  A jolly good story.