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by Carole Nelson Douglas

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  Irene Adler (Irene is said with three syllables - Eye-ree-nee) is the only woman who ever out smarted Sherlock Holmes. 

Irene is simply elegant - or a rogue, depending on her needs.  Her friend, Nell, is a sharp tongued English preacher's daughter, and makes an excellent foil, from whose viewpoint these stories are written, much as Watson wrote about Holmes.  Holmes is never too far away from Irene in any of these stories.

Irene Adler novels

1. Good Night, Mr. Holmes, 1990
2. Good Morning, Irene, 1990
     (reprinted as The Adventuress)
3. Irene At Large, 1992
4. Irene's Last Waltz, 1994
     (reprinted as Another Scandal in Bohemia)
5. Chapel Noir, 2001
6. Castle Rouge, 2002
7. Femme Fatale, 2004
8. Spider Dance, 2004

Irene Adler short stories

1992 - Parris Green
1995 - Dracula on the Rocks
1996 - Thief of Twelfth Night
1998 - Mesmerizing Bertie
1998 - A Baker Street Irregular

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