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by Carole Nelson Douglas

There are two prequel series, the "Crystal" series and the "Cat and a Playing Card" series.  Both series tell the same basic story.

 The Crystal Series

    There are two stories in each book, which are shortened versions of the cat and a playing card series.  

Crystal Days

Crystal Days

contains the stories in
The Cat and the King of Clubs
The Cat and the Queen of Hearts.

Crystal Nights

Crystal Nights

contains the stories in
The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds
The Cat and the Jack of Spades.

The cat and a Playing Card Series

Cat and the King of ClubsCarole Nelson Douglas' preferred editions - Original text restored

The Cat and the King of Clubs

   This story tells about Nicky Fontana and his quest for 'class'.  He hires Van Von Rhine to help him remodel his hotel, the Joshua Tree, and turn it into the Crystal Phoenix.  Midnight Louie brings help to rescue the Hotel from thugs hired by ugly Al Fresco.

Cat and the Queen of HeartsThe Cat and the Queen of Hearts

   A Vegas showgirl. Darcy McGill, who loves to dance, but also likes to write, is falling in love with her prudish professor, Stevenson Eliot Austen.  He likes her writing, and tries to help her.  She pretends to be her make believe sister and seduces him (what a lucky guy!).  She is later kidnapped by a sheik and Midnight Louie points the way for her rescue.  

Cat and the Jill of DiamondsThe Cat and the Jill of Diamonds


           Jill O'Rourke, brought up in the desert and tough as cactus, a sharpshooter, who plays poker professionally, is hired to provide a diversion (card playing) for a night club singer, Johnny Diamond.  When the singer's life is threatened, Midnight Louie brings Jill to him in time for a rescue from ugly Al Fresco's hit man.  Some treasure is discovered.

Cat and the Jack of SpadesThe Cat and the Jack of Spades

          A Gayle Tyson, a woman from Kansas, falls hard for a baccarat dealer in Vegas known as Solitaire.  When hit men come after Solitaire, her life is in danger, too.  He steals some roast beef from the kitchen of the Crystal Phoenix, a map from Van's office, and takes her for a wild ride into the desert to escape, and they discover the rest of the treasure.  Midnight Louie unjustly takes the blame for the missing roast beef and the map.  Solitaire finds out his real name.