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in the Midnight Louie series

by Carole Nelson Douglas

red high heels Temple told Matt she that how feels going outside her apartment without heels is how other people feel about going outside without clothes.   She never wears heels higher than three inches, unlike Savannah Ashleigh.  A size 5, she sometimes gets her shoes at second hand stores.   So far, Temple's footwear is mentioned over 100 times in these stories.  Eliminating possible duplicates, I've come up with about 75 distinct pair.
Book & Chapter Shoes
 Catnap 2 Temple's favorite 3" heels, Stuart Weitzman, pointy toes, stiletto heels
 Catnap 8 Winged Liz Claiborne with pistachio colored 6" heels
 Catnap 14 Kicky black patent shoes with hot pink heels
 Catnap 17 Charles Jourdan French high heeled pumps
 Catnap 21 Snappy pair of Weitzman sandals with multicolored straps and high rise heels -used to defend herself and taken as evidence by Lieutenant Molina for blood and hair
 Catnap 24 Beverly Feldman black leather spikes with furtive touches of jet
 Pussyfoot Prologue Deep purple pumps with dainty high heels
 Pussyfoot 1 mauve snakeskin J. Reneé's
 Pussyfoot 1 Christian Dior black satin spikes
 Pussyfoot 4 high heel Anne Klein emerald leather sandals
 Pussyfoot 10 summer white sandals with 3" magenta patent heels with electric blue, magenta, and emerald pompom on toe.
 Pussyfoot 16 Liz Claibornes with purple heels (may be the same ones in the prologue), heel broke during attack in the parking ramp, Matt fixes it.  (but when did she find time to get out of her summer whites in chpt. 10?)
 Pussyfoot 17 L. A. Gear metallic pink sneakers
 Pussyfoot 18 low heeled slides
 Pussyfoot 19 peach snakeskin high heels
 Pussyfoot 23 low heeled mules
 Pussyfoot 24 mid heeled blue satin mules.  Moline picks them up from the floor and uses them to weigh down Max's poster.
 Pussyfoot 25 red plastic high heeled shoe telephone
 Pussyfoot 25 White navy and red Jourdan pumps
 Pussyfoot 30 Spirited electric blue spikes
 Pussyfoot 34 High heel cat shoes, size 5 1/2 double A, given to her by Molina, a spare pair that victim Kitty Cardozo used in her Catwoman stripping act, mentioned several times earlier in the book.
Blue Monday 2 2 1/2" cork soled wedgies
Blue Monday 5 black patent leather Stuart Weitzmans's with plexiglas heels
Blue Monday 8 high heeled purple Liz Claibornes (Seen in chpt 16 of Pussyfoot?)
Blue Monday 13 slide on wedgies
Blue Monday 21 high heeled sandals (ah, but which ones?)
Blue Monday 27 Charles Jourdan navy pumps piped in red
Blue Monday 30 hot metallic pink tennis shoes
Blue Monday 33 snappy red high heels - Italian leather - was wearing these when assailed in Blandina Tyler's house
Blue Monday 35 sequined tennis shoes
Blue Monday 36 pink maribou slippers in the bedroom closet - attested to by Midnight Louie
Crimson Haze 1 Evan Picone conservatively tailored pumps
Crimson Haze 2 Plexiglas-heeled, red grosgrain-ribbon-trimmed Stuart Weitzman's
Crimson Haze 5 Via Spiga pumps - bronze metallic
Crimson Haze 9 conservative beige Van Elis with 3" dress heel
Crimson Haze 11 Kelly-green high heels with satin smooth purple leather lining
Crimson Haze 17 tall J. Reneé  heels
Crimson Haze 21 silver metallic sneakers
Crimson Haze 29 red leather Margaret Jerrold high heel pumps
Crimson Haze 34 Stuart Weitzman black suede high heels pumps with ankle strap and curved steel heel covered with rhinestones
Crimson Haze 43 beige pumps with modest medium heels
Diamond Dazzle 2 slip on jute sandals
Diamond Dazzle 10 pink metallic sneakers
Diamond Dazzle 12 something yellow - not specified
Diamond Dazzle 19 Evan Picone pumps with 3" heels - not specified
Diamond Dazzle 21 Stuart Weitzman navy pumps with pewter colored steel heels
Diamond Dazzle 22 resale shop Charles Jourdan's - not specified
Diamond Dazzle 27 high heeled black denim with spiked heels that look like maple and rubber clad soles
Diamond Dazzle 30 flat heeled stretch slippers, bronze metallic, part of a costume
Diamond Dazzle 35 the Austrian crystal clad Stuart Weitzman pumps with Midnight Louie on the heels.
Emerald Eye 9 Knitted slippers
Emerald Eye 17 Anne Klein Kelly-green pumps
Emerald Eye 18 oversize burgundy mukluks
Emerald Eye 21 silver tennis shoes
Emerald Eye 29 purple, orange, & Kelly-green high heeled J. Reneé pumps
Emerald Eye 32 Strappy black patent heels
Emerald Eye 29 Midnight Louie shoes won in Diamond Dazzle
Flamingo Fedora 2 Manolo Blahnik snakeskin pumps
Flamingo Fedora 6 black & yellow Charles Jourdan pumps
Flamingo Fedora 13 vintage high heel mesh sandals with flamingo pink feather on the toes
Flamingo Fedora 17 closed toe canvas wedgies
Flamingo Fedora 23 yellow & black patent Charles Jourdan heels (maybe the same as in chpt 6)
Flamingo Fedora 24 kicky ankle-high boots
Flamingo Fedora 27 J. Reneé snakeskin pumps
Flamingo Fedora 31 black shoe polish covering one of her pairs of bright pink metallic tennis shoes
Flamingo Fedora 36 sensible pair of 2" heels
Golden Garland 1 magenta suede high heels
Golden Garland 3 clunky, well padded hit-top tennis shoes, black, so as not to show cat hair
Golden Garland 7 flat footed boots, mukluks, worn outdoors in cold New York
Golden Garland 7 black suede chunky heels
Golden Garland 11 bedroom slippers - perhaps the same ones mentioned in Chapter 22
Golden Garland 15 plain black Stuart Weitzman pumps with red Austrian-crystal lips
Golden Garland 22 wool knit slippers
Golden Garland 22 fat, fuzzy bedroom slippers, borrowed mukluks
Hyacinth Hunt Prologue mush soled tennies, probably the ones from Chpt 3 of Golden Garland
Hyacinth Hunt 2 Via Spiga patent leather heels
Hyacinth Hunt 9 red, purple, and pewter Manolo Blahnik snakeskin pumps
Hyacinth Hunt 10 black velvet tennies
Hyacinth Hunt 10 embroidered red satin Chinese slippers (silken mules)
Hyacinth Hunt 33 red 2" Cuban heels
Hyacinth Hunt 36 black pumps
Hyacinth Hunt 42 strappy magenta suede Via Spiga pumps with radical heels
Indigo Mood 4 tennies in her tote, for emergencies
Indigo Mood 35 Stuart Weitzman magenta suede pumps with metal high heels
Jeweled Jumpsuit 1 navy and burgundy high heels with leather rosettes on the toes
Jeweled Jumpsuit 2 mushroom pale high top sneakers, probably the same ones as in chpt 4 of Indigo Mood
Jeweled Jumpsuit 20 begemmed J. Reneé high heels in honor of the Elvis jumpsuits
Jeweled Jumpsuit 31 emerald-leather J. Reneé  sandals
Jeweled Jumpsuit 51 50's ankle boots, for a motorcycle ride, probably the same ones as in chpt 24 of Flamingo Fedora
Kiwi Con 13, 16, 49 gunboat style tennies, chpt 16 ML says they're the inflatable models that look like the Goodyear Blimp, chpt 49 - air cushioned tennies Temple carries in her tote.  Probably seen in previous books
Kiwi Con 22 Stuart Weitzman steel heeled pumps, probably seen in previous books
Kiwi Con 22 cork soled platform shoes
Kiwi Con 49 navy pumps
Leopard Spot 2 bunny slippers
Leopard Spot 2 svelte Onyx platform sandals with clear plastic uppers embellished by silver studs
Leopard Spot 9 3" platform wedge sandals (same is in chapter 2?)
Leopard Spot 22 beige suede pumps for Temple's day in court
Leopard Spot 22 Stuart Weitzman Midnight Louie Austrian-crystal heels
Leopard Spot 29 black patent leather high heel mules
Leopard Spot 34 strappy high heel sandals
Leopard Spot 35 strappy high heel onyx sandals, same as in chapter 34
Midnight Choir 10 platform wedgies - add 4" to her height
Midnight Choir 10 it's stated that Temple does not have ruby red slippers.
Midnight Choir 11 Mootsie Tootsies high-rise slides
Midnight Choir 24 purple leather high heels
Neon Nightmare 3 Bunny slippers (Christmas present from her mom)
Neon Nightmare 5 Black patent leather mules
Neon Nightmare 26 Lucite heeled scarlet pumps
Neon Nightmare 39 thick soled cushy clogs
Neon Nightmare 49 Austrian crystal Midnight Louie pumps - Originally in Diamond Dazzle
Orange Twist -Previously in Jimmy Choo rhinestone buckled ankle straps
Orange Twist 1 Via Spiga pumps
Orange Twist 2 Burgandy patent-leather Nine West clogs
Orange Twist 16 Lucite heels
Orange Twist 17 summer espadrilles
Orange Twist 20 white patent leather clog
Orange Twist 37 Stuart Weitzman black suede pumps with steel heels
Orange Twist 49 Via Spiga heels
Orange Twist 49 Timothy Hitsman running shoes, iridescent snakeskin pattern pumps with gilt coils for heels
Orange Twist 51 flat footed black mary janes
Pink Pursuit 4 size 5 Via Spiga slides
Pink Pursuit 8 red Dorothy shoes, low heeled slides with rhinestoned vamp across the toes
Pink Pursuit11 red rhinestone slides with 1 1/2" heels
Pink Pursuit 18 glitzy little mules
Pink Pursuit 26 pink low heeled mules, bunny variety
Pink Pursuit 59 feminine and creative shoes
Pink Pursuit 60 purple satin sandals
Pink Pursuit 16,55 roller blades
Red Hot Rage-3 Steve Madden hot pink slides
Red Hot Rage-19 vintage Beverly Feldman spikes
Red Hot Rage-34 Stuart Wietzman hot pink low heeled slides
Red Hot Rage-50 J. Renee pink patent 3" heels
Red Hot Rage-52 spike heel resale Jimmy Choos
Red Hot Rage-55 red running shoes
Red Hot Rage-60 white tennis shoes
Topaz Tango-1 resale designer spikes with ankle ties
Topaz Tango-26 candy apple red patent leather platforms
Topaz Tango-36 black lace up oxfords
Topaz Tango-37 chartreuse Minnie Mouse platforms
Topaz Tango-49 pink ballet flats
Topaz Tango-59 radically high platform wedge, black satin ballet style shoes
Sapphire Slipper-32 no name tied oxfords in the back of her closet
Sapphire Slipper-35&55 medium heeled platform mules
Ultramarine Scheme-3&7 Stuart Weitzman silver T-strap sandals spike heels
Ultramarine Scheme-22 high heeled Nina sandals
Ultramarine Scheme-32 red strappy wedge sandals
Ultramarine Scheme-33 Giuseppe Zanotti leopard print suede wedge sandals
Ultramarine Scheme-43 black satin 40's style strappy platform heels with rhinestone buckled ankle straps
Sax and the Single Cat Chocolate suede pumps - Midnight Louie mentions they're found in Temple's closet