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Midnight Louie
Irene Adler

Midnight Louie short stories

by Carole Nelson Douglas

see also Midnight Louie series 

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Book(s) where found (summaries below)

A Baker Street Irregular Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives
1998 edited by Carole Nelson Douglas
Coyote Peyote Mysterious West
1994 edited by Tony Hillerman
Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, 4th Annual Edition
1995 edited by Mystery Scene staff with intro by Jon L. Breen
Dog Collar Great Writers and Kids Write Mysteries
1996 edited by Martin H. Greenberg
Iä Iä Iä-Iä Cthulouie! Cat Crimes for the Holidays
1997 edited by Martin H. Greenberg
Junior Partner in Crime Creature Cozies
2005, edited by Jill Morgan
License to Koi Death Dines In
2004 edited by Claudia Bishop and Dean James
Maltese Double Cross Cat Crimes II
1992 edited by Martin H. Greenberg
Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, 2nd Annual Edition
1993 edited by Mystery Scene staff
The Mummy Case Cat Crimes Through Time
1999 edited by Ed Gorman  
The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories
2000 Edited by: Ed Gorman
The Riches There That Lie Poe's Lighthouse
2006 edited by Christopher Conlon
Sax and the Single Cat Danger In D.C.
1993 edited by Martin H. Greenberg
A Treasury of Cat Mysteries
1998 edited by Martin H. Greenberg
Felonious Felines
2000 edited by Carol and Ed Gorman
White House Pet Detectives
2002 edited by Carole Nelson Douglas
Something Fishy Something Fishy
2003 by Carole Nelson Douglas

Midnight Louie's Pet DetectivesA Baker Street Irregular

  A black cat is rescued from ruffians and brought to Sherlock Holmes.  Sarah Bernhardt comes to Holmes regarding missing jewels and takes the cat home with her naming him Midnight.  The cat does some investigating and leaves a clue for Holmes, who then solves the case.  Midnight then leaves Bernhardt and hits the streets where Irene Adler and Penelope Huxleigh find him and take him home, naming him Midnight Louie.

  For more info about the book, Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives, see the Other Books page.

Coyote Peyote

   Midnight Louie is hired by Don Coyote to investigate coyote murders in a subdivision of Henderson.  He discovers the cause and saves a little girl from poisoning as well.  He is paid off in peyote - both kinds.

Dog Collar

   Carole teamed up with her friend Annie A. Anderson (age 12) to write this Midnight Louie mystery. A diamond collar is stolen from Mitzi, a showgirl. When ML reveals the deception, the thief takes Ritzi, Mitzi's poodle, as a hostage.  ML tails them into the desert, and ends up revealing the hidden jewels and uncovering the thief.

Iä Iä Iä-Iä! Cthulouie!

   A Midnight Louie Halloween mystery. ML is whisked away for a cat food commercial to be filmed in Massachusetts in a deserted town named Innsmouth. All he is interested in is a cute dish name Yvette, but his romantic interlude is interrupted by fish/men.  Midnight Louie and Yvette confront Cthulhu.  Based somewhat on The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft.

Junior Partner in Crime

    A small male cat saves a woman's life and escapes all dangers to become a Midnight Louie double and have a good home.

License to Koi

A Koi (fancy carp like fish) is stolen from Chef Song's pond and he thinks Louie took it. Louie hit tails it away and sneaks into the Crystal Phoenix hotel, where he finds a fugu party about to take place. A fugu is a highly poisonous puffer fish considered a delicacy. Someone dies at the party. Louie provides the clues needed to finger the culprit. 
An interview with CND and a recipe for Kitty Litter Birthday Cake is at the end.

Maltese Double Cross

   A Midnight Louie mystery, this is somewhat of a parody of the Maltese Falcon, a story by Dashiel Hammet that was also made into a movie.  Midnight Louie falls asleep in Temple's apartment and dreams of dames and hit men, chasing a black bird that is good to eat.  It is probably a good idea to read the book or see the movie before reading this short story.

The Mummy Case

  Ancestors of Midnight Louie guarded Pharaoh. "Eye of Night", the mother of "Heart of Night", crouches at the sandals of Pharaoh.  When Pharaoh dies and is mummified, Eye of Night was to be mummified also, but she was wrapped up as a mummy and then discarded.  A fake cat was put in her place in the pyramid, hiding stolen jewels.  The two cats sneak in to the pyramid, and when the thieves come in, they attack them and they are later captured, given away by the claw marks.  The Pharaoh's name is Nomenophis, but a google search for him turned up empty.  Curious.

The Riches There That Lie

  Edgar Allan Poe wrote a few pages of a story but never finished it.  Various authors were asked to use those few pages for their own story - finish it for Poe.  In this story, Midnight Louie of a previous time steals a ride aboard a boat to an island lighthouse where he is in exile with a man who probably will be murdered.  Louie is instrumental in seeing justice is done.

White House Pet DetectivesSax and the Single Cat  

     A Midnight Louie is summoned by Kitty Kong, the King of Cats, to find Socks, President Clinton's daughter's missing cat.  He hops on a plant with Earl E. Byrd and flies to Washington D.C. with Nose E. and causes marijuana to be discovered before it causes Clinton some embarrassment and then finds the missing first cat, Socks, who he convinces to go back to the White House.

More information about the book: White House Pet Detectives see Other Books

Something FishySomething Fishy

This is the same story as Iä Iä Iä Iä Cthulouie! (see above) but illustrated and in a book by itself.  The picture on the cover next to the cat is Cthulhu.