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Chapter Title Author Summary
1 Blonde Noire Meyers, Martin
Meyers, Annette
Detective and mixed up blonde
2 Hush Money Barrett, Lynne Marilyn gets her voice from another
3 Love Me For My Yellow Hair Alone Wheat, Carolyn Viewing Marilyn through coworkers
4 Da Svidaniya, Khrushchev Collins, Barbara Marilyn saves Nikita
5 Destiny Wallace, Patricia Girl is not quite like Marilyn
6 The House That Norma Bought MacGregor, T. J. Marilyn taken hostage
7 Drowning in the River of No Return Williamson, J. N. Horoscope, Frankie, and hit men
8 Dear Mom Morgan, Jill M. Marilyn's son's revenge on Mom
9 Mistress Fame Mosiman, Billie Sue Marilyn's demon
10 Marilyn Monroe on 165th Street Mannheim, Linda A hooker looks like Marilyn
11 The Child Star Hall, Melissa Mia A child looks like Marilyn
12 The Cost of Freedom Crowther, Peter Marilyn's son's revenge on Dad
13 The Fountain Street Ghost Dain, Catherine Marilyn's ghost helps out
14 Fantasy Dreyer, Eileen Marilyn and the mystery man
15 Her Biggest Fan Day, John A. Marilyn in infinite universes
16 O, Virginia Gallagher, Stephen Marilyn in a jar at the circus
17 Something's Got to Give Berliner, Janet
Guthridge, George
Man imposters Marilyn
18 Skin Deep Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Marilyn in another's dream
19 Comeback Fesler, Pamela J. Marilyn returns
20 Sunset: A Monologue in One Act Douglas, Carole Nelson Marilyn putting on makeup
21 It Had to be You Pickard, Nancy Marilyn on Mt. Rushmore