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Chapter Title Author Animals
1 Daisy and the Silver Quaich Perry, Anne Cats and Dogs
2 Where Does a Herd of Elephants Go? Kelner, Toni L. P. Elephants
3 The Dark One Braun, Lilian Jackson Cat
4 Dr. Couch Saves a Bird Pickard, Nancy birds
5 Fetch Cannell, Dorothy Dog
6 Kittens Take Detection 101 Grape, Jan Cats
7 El Lobo Rides Alone Crider, Bill Wolf/dog
8 A Hamster of No Importance Friesner, Esther M
Stutzman, Walter J.
9 Mandy: "Free to Good Home" Jance, J. A. Dogs
10 On the Take Wheat, Carolyn Cats
11 Harbinger Hager, Jean Owls
12 Final Reunion Lepovetsky, Lisa Cats
13 Go to the Devil Paul, Barbara Tasmanian Devil
14 A Baker Street Irregular Douglas, Carole Nelson Cat
15 Masked Marauders of the Mossbelt Rogers, Bruce Holland Racoons
16 Final Vows Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann Cats
17 The Cage Gorman, Ed Birds