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2011 Races

This was a good year for me, 27 races (averaging a race every two weeks) including four 8K races.  I saw my times gradually improve from struggling to do 10 minute miles to doing some 8:30 miles late in the year, and in December I ran two races on the same day.  I raced in all 12 months this year.

date race location distance time pace
1/29/2011 Citrus Festival Mission, TX 5K 29:57 09:39
2/26/2011 Fiesta Edinburg Edinburg, TX 3 Mi 30:22 10:07
3/5/2011 Great Strides Mission Sharyland, TX 5K 33:00 10:38
3/6/2011 Individual Time Trial (bicycle 17.9 mph) McAllen, TX 10 Mi 33:30 03:21
3/12/2011 5th Annual St. Patricks Day 5k Pharr, TX 5K 30:20 09:45
5/6/2011 Mason Run Mason 5K 30:23 09:46
5/30/2011 Big Foot Dansville 8K 53:00 10:36
6/10/2011 South Church Family Fitness Lansing 5K 28:32 09:12
6/12/2011 Run for Chum Dansville 5K 28:39 09:15
6/22/2011 Twilight Run Lansing 5K 29:41 09:35
7/10/2011 Aid Lansing Lansing 5K 27:37 08:55
7/31/2011 Hall of Fame Run Lansing 8K* 50:37 10:07
8/14/2011 Camino of St. James Mason 8K 48:19 09:40
8/28/2011 Woods & Water GM Lansing Delta trail run Delta Twp 5K 27:59 09:03
9/11/2011 Kellie Sebrell Trail Run DeWitt 5K 29:40 09:34
9/17/2011 Perryfest Rambler Perry 5K 26:56 08:41
9/25/2011 Autumn Classic Lake Lansing 8K 44:47 09:01
10/9/2011 Green Space Trail run Mason 5K 28:49 09:18
10/15/2011 Danae's Race Lansing 5K 27:27 08:51
10/29/2011 St. Mary School Williamston 5K 27:14 08:47
11/5/2011 Meaningful Moments Lansing 5K 26:51 08:40
11/13/2011 Burg Run (trail run) Laingsburg 5K 28:28 09:11
11/19/2011 The Grand Finale (trail run) Lansing. - Grand Woods Pk 5K 28:00 09:02
11/24/2011 Turkeyman Trot Lansing 5K 26:07 08:25
12/03/2011 Scrooge Scramble Lansing 5K 27:26 08:51
12/03/2011 Dashing thru the Snow Fowlerville 5K 26:17 08:29
12/18/2011 Action Mercy 5K Alton, TX 5K** 24:56 08:36
12/31/2011 Resolution Race McAllen, TX 5K 27:32 08:53
     The races and the beginning and end of the year were all near McAllen,Texas .  The rest of the races were all near Lansing, Michigan.  (I'm a winter texan)
     The Green Space trail run (Oct 9) was the hardest course.  The Scrooge Scramble (Dec 3) was also hard because of ice and snow on the course. 
     I had heart arhythmias and had to wallk a little on both the Grand Finale (Nov 19) and the Scrooge Scramble (Dec 3).  These are annoying but not (obviously) fatal and occur occasionally when I push hard.  I had my first one when I was 35 on a bicycle and had an acute throbbing pain in my chest.  I thought I was a dead man then.  Today  I can feel them, but they're not painful.  They always go away after a minute or so (I just slow down until they do) and my doctor told me not to give up running/bicycling, if for some reason one didn't stop, I would have time to get to a hospital.  I've met other people who say they have the same problem, but you don't hear much about arhythmias.

* The Hall of Fame Run (Jul 31) was supposed to be a 10K, but the course got flooded and so was shortened. 
** The Action Mercy 5K (Dec 18) was a little short according to Google Earth. Pace figured using 2.9 miles.