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2012 Race results

My goal this year: To run a 5K in 25 minutes and/or have fun trying.
Results:  I had fun trying.   :-)  My best time was 25:33.

2012 date




my time


1/14 28th Longest Causeway Run (community cntr) Port Isabel, TX 10K 60:10 9:40
1/28 South Texas Sizzler (soccer complex) Harlingen, TX 10K 57:16 9:14
2/4 30th All america 10K (city parks & recreaction) Edinburg, TX 10K 59:21 9:33
2/11 Terra Run 10k (trail run - Altas Palmas Park) Donna, TX 4.7 mi 52:25 11:09
3/4 Individual Time Trial #1 of 3 (bike - 18.7 mph) Edinburg, TX 10 mi 32:04 3:12
3/10STC Spring Break Stampede (Bentsen Palms Pk) Mission, TX 10K <55:00 8:51  
3/11 Stanley's Sprint Triathlon (La Joya Lions Municipal Park - 300 yd swim, 14 mi bike, 2 mi run) La Joya, TX 300 yd swim
14 mi bike
2 mi run
3/17 6th Annual St. Patrick’s 5K Run (PSJA stadium) Pharr, TX 5K 26:03 8:23
3/24 Mimisbrunnr 10K (trail run, hike & bike trail ) Mission, TX 10K 61:26 9:53
4/1 Individual Time Trial #2 of 3 (bike - 19.8 mph) Edinburg, TX 10 mi 30:28 3:02
4/7 Do or Die Duathlon (Nature Trails Park
2 mile run, 11 mi bike, 2 mile run)
Mission, TX 2 mi run
11 mi bike
2 mi run
4/7 Firefly Chase (Municipal Park) Edinburg, TX 5K 26:26 8:30
4/15 Race for the Place (MSU campus PRS) E Lansing 5K 27:10 8:46
4/20 Race for the Stars (Lansing CC) Lansing 5K 25:33 8:13
4/29 Komen Race for the Cure (PRS State Capitol ) Lansing 5K 25:47 8:17
5/4 Mason State Bank 5K (PRS courthouse ) Mason 5K 26:00 8:22
5/12 Mission 5K/10K (Indian Springs Metro Park) White Lake 10K 55:29 8:55
5/20 Dan Langdon Memorial 5K (PRS Eagle Eye Golf) Bath 5K 27:17 8:48
5/28 Big Foot Race (high school track) Dansville 8K 49:19 9:52
6/8 South Church Family Fitness 5K (South Church) Lansing 5K 27:41 8:54
6/20 Twilight Run  (River Trail) Lansing 5K 28:26 9:10
7/29 Black Bear Bicycle tour (avg speed 15.2 mph) Grayling 100 mi 6:32:50 3:57
11/11 Berg Run (trail run) Laingsburg 5K 30:39 9:52
12/1 Scrooge Scramble Lansing 5K 29:49 9:37
12/1 Dashing Through the Snow Fowlerville 5K 28:19 9:08
12/16 Fiesta Marathon 5K McAllen 5K 30:31 9:49
12/22 SJMS Cross Country 5K San Juan 5K 30est 9:40
12/29 Pan American Racewalk Trials & 5K Run Pharr 5K 29:07 9:22
12/30 Resolution Run McAllen 5K 27:45 8:55
PRS = Playmaker's Race Series.  There are 12 races in the series altogether.
Jan 14 - Longest Causeway Run - My first 10K since 2008, took it easy.  Just wanted to finish since I wasn't used to the distance.

Jan 28 - South Texas Sizzler - Fast flat out and back course, ran a little harder but think I could do better.

Feb 4 - All american 10 K - Good course but got off to a slow start, caught behind slower runners and walkers.  Was really moving at the end. 

Feb 11
- The Terra Run- billed as a 10K the race was shortened for safety reasons.  Not sure exact distance.  Due to a lot of rain during the week, there was very sticky and slippery mud that slowed me to walking in places.  Definitely the hardest race I've ever run.

Mar 4 - Time Trial #1 not much wind but cold, 50 at race time.  Rode fast on the way out but it was hard coming back into the wind.  I think I would have done better if it had been warmer.

Mar 10
- Spring Break Stampede - Fast flat out and back course, ran really well, especially at the end.  1st place in division (men 60-64)., I didn't get exact time from my own watch, but I know it was less than 55 min.  No timing clock, results not posted.

Mar 11
- Stanley Tri - Stanley is a leader dog and this race supports leader dogs for the blind.  Official results did not break down times according to swim, bike, and run.  I don't know if this is standard or not, but the other tri I did broke out the times.  I liked that because I could see how well I biked/swam/ran in relation to others.  Since we were chip timed, and had to cross a timing mat after each event, it seems the individual events could have broken out.  Was 56 degress at the start, outdoor heated pool, 12 laps.  I did OK on the first 4 laps, all downhill after that.  Bike ride was good, but it was misty, roads were wet, and I got cold.  Run was OK but I didn't have much speed, partly because my arms and legs were cold after the bike ride, partly because I was tired from the 10K the previous day.  I think I would have done better if it had been warmer.

Mar 17 - St. Patrick's Day - fast course, ran well.  2nd place in division (men 60-64).  Results not posted.

Mar 24 - Mimisbrunnr 10K - from Norse mythology, Mimisbrunnr is the well of wisdom.  This is the 1st of a series of three races and also the shortest.  I won't do the other races because I will be in Michigan, and the other races are longer than I want to run anyway.  A hard but fun course, lots of twists and turns, ups and downs.  One place had a rope to use for getting up a steep spot.  About 70 degrees with high humidity.  I was really getting tired near the end.  I ran a lot faster on the paved area before the finish.  3rd place in male 50 and over, 32 out of about 55 overall.  Results not posted.

Apr 1 - 10 Mile Individual Time Trial - the 2nd of three time trials held by Team McAllen Cycling (I won't be able to do the third one because I'll be back in Michigan).  It was a good speed for me, a tailwind on the way back and warmer weather helped.

Apr 7 - Du or Die duathlon put on by Bike Masters in Mission, Texas - my first duathlon.  Warm humid weather, first run was pretty good, rode hard on the bike, second run I felt strong but out of breath, ran slow trying to catch it.  Maybe I should have backed off on the bike a little.  62nd out of 103 individual (not teams), 2nd in age group (about 2 minutes behind the winner).

Apr 7 - Firefly Chase - the Firefly is a small LED blinking light made by Road ID that a runner can wear for safety.  Run entirely on trails withing the park after dark, most of the runners wore lights and some had costumes.  After the 8:00 morning duathlon, I rested up for this 8:00 evening run.  Came in 41st out of roughly 200, and 2nd out of 5 or 6 in the 40 and over age group.  Unofficial time 26:26.  Ran well but had a heart arhythmia and had to walk a little.  Fun run, no times kept or results posted.

Apr 15 - PRS Race for the Place - the first in the Playmakers race series.  Proceeds to support a place for battered women.  I was hoping to be in the top five in my division and also be under 26 minutes.  Not a chance.  11th out of 18 in age group and 169th out of 469 runners overall.  If I'd broke 25 minutes and set a PR, I would have moved up to 9th (the winner was under 22 minutes).  I was a little off my pace this week because I missed 2 or 3 training runs while driving home from Texas.  I think if had time to warm up more before the race it would have helped.  Had a heart arrhythmia after the first mile and had to walk some.

Apr 20
- Race for the Stars - Supports athletics for Lansing Community College.  2nd place in 60-64 age group (15 seconds behind the winner) and 26th overall of 69 runners.  40 degrees out and rainy.

Apr 29 - PRS Komen Race for the Cure - Part of the Playmakers Race Series, this was a well publicized large race with 846 runners and uKomenntold walkers.  I placed 8th out of 16 in my age group and 169th out of 333 men, and 247th overall.  The weather was good, about 60 and sunny and the course had a lot of turns but was good.  The runners started first so I didn't have to pass a lot of walkers.  I only got one training run in during the week because I was physically exhausted from cutting up a tree, so I was really pleased with my time.  I didn't think I'd do so well.

May 4 - PRS Mason State Bank Run - Proceeds benefit schools in Mason.  Part of the Playmakers Race Series, last year there were 634 runners and I came in 8th out of 17 in my age group.  With my best time this year I would have been 6th.  This year I came in 10th out of 18, was 164th overall out of 609 racers and 122nd out of 295 men.  The winner in my age group did it in 20:50.

May 12 - Mission 10K - Proceeds help send teens to mission fields, this year in Equador.  My brother lives around the corner from the park where this is held which I why I'm going out of my area for a race.  This is a small race held in the Indian Springs Metro Park on a paved trail, out and back, with a long slow hill at the end.  I ran well in 60 degree weather.and I was the only runner in my age group, 13th out of 18 men and 17th out of 39 overall.

May 20 - PRS Dan Langdon Memorial - Dan Langdon was one of three runners in the Detroit Marathon who died in the race on October 18, 2009.  The fund is to help his wife and three children.  A new race in the Playmakers Race Series (this is the third year), I was hoping to come in the top 5 in my age group, and I did!  I came in 5th out of 10 in my age group, 66 out of 119 men and 92 out of 284 overall.  The race was on the golf cart paths of the front nine holes of the Eagle Eye golf course, and so there were a lot of little hills and quite a few turns, not an easy run.  It was on a clear, sunny day at 2:00 in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest, almost directly overhead (since we're on the western edge of the time zone with daylight savings time) and it was 87 degrees out with no shade on the course.  Fortunately the humidty was not high and there was some breeze.  I thought I ran well and was surprised my time was so slow.  I was on an 8:10 pace for the first two miles, so I must have really slowed down that last mile.
   Coming in 5th gave me 1 point (my first) in the Playmakers race series this year (1st would have got me 10).

May 28
- Big Foot Challenge - Due to overtraining (probably speed work on the track) I had a sore groin this week and rested most of the week.  Because of the soreness, I was slower, taking shorter steps but a higher turnover.  I ran pretty well, on a hot sunny day, and the course is not fast with hills and about a mile and a half of gravel road.  Took 3rd out of 3 in my age group (I think I could have beaten them if I had been running my normal pace), was 37th out of 53 overall, and 28 out of 33 men.  I was a little more than 3 1/2 minutes faster than the same race last year and would have to go back to 2008 to find a faster time.

Jun 8 - South Church Family Fitness 5K - proceeds benefit Volunteers of america - New Hope Day Center  .I came in 6th in my age group (50 and over), 36th out of 105 men, 45th out of 216 overall (there were a lot of walkers).  If there had been a 60-64 age group, I would have been 3rd out of 6.

Jun 20 - Twilight 5K - Benefits youth track clubs in Michigan.  92 degrees out at race time, but humidity wasn't high and there was a light breeze.  It didn't seem that hot to me.  Running slow because of groin injury but still beat last years time.  Came in 3rd out of 6 in age group, 55th overall out of 168, and 32nd out of 56 men.

July 29 - Black Bear Bicycle Tour - a timed 100 mile ride in conjunction with the Au Sable canoe race, one of the premier races in america.  The canoers leave Grayling at 9:00pm Saturday and paddle all night.  The bikers leave Grayling at 8:00am Sunday morning.  The idea is to beat the canoers to Oscoda where the race ends.  I beat a few of them.  My actual riding time was just over 6 hours, which considering that his was my first real century ride this year, I thought was pretty good.  I took a few short breaks along the way, which accounts for the offical tour time of 6:32.  The weather was near perfect, cool in the morning and not too hot in the afternoon, with a light breeze out of the south.

Nov 11 - Burg Run  a trail run, weather was good, came in 1st out of 4 in age group.  I quit running for a couple of months to recover from an injury and I've had a really hard time getting back.  I was hoping to break 30 min, and maybe I would have if it had been a road race.  Last year I was 28:28 for this race.

Dec 1 - Scrooge Scramble - Run on the River Trail starting near the Brenke fish ladder and going south, out and back.  Came in 4th out of 7 in my age group.

Dec 1 - Dashing Through the Snow - 2nd race in the same day.  No snow, 48 degrees in Fowlerville run on Grand River west of town and back.  Better time than the morning run, but I think the course is a little easier.  Came in 3rd out of 6 in my age group.

Dec 16 - Fiesta Marathon 5K - 71 and humid.  I didn't run well, seemed like a so so day for me.  Huge race, and even though it was chip timed, getting by the slower runners at the front was a problem.  I should have started closer to the front.  It took me 12 minutes for the first mile.  Came in 4th out of 11 in my age group.  One of my friends used his GPS on the course and said it was about a quarter mile longer than 5K.  That would add a couple of minutes to my time.

Dec 22 - SJMS Cross Country 5K - 70 and windy, easy XC course, not timed.  Took me about 30 min.  1st in age group (60-69) out of 2.  Results not posted.

Dec 29 - Pan American Racewalk Trials & 5K Run - A lot of racewalkers here but not well publicized among the running community, so I was actually the only one in my age category.  1st.  The course was an easy flat, on the road loop on Ridge Rd, 2 1/2 laps and was held at the same time as the 5K racewalk.  I beat all the walkers though I was the last runner to do so.  The fastest walkers were right behind me.  There was a cold north wind on the east/west course in the upper 40's.  I was pleased with my time and consider it a warm up for the race the next day.  I had a heart arrhythmia and had to walk a little, which has happened in three of my last four races now.  They seem to be harmless although annoying.  I had my first one when I was 35 just after charging up a hill on my bicycle.

Dec 30 Resolution Run 5K - Another cold morning in upper 40s but without the wind, course was flat and partly in Bill Schupp Park and partly on city streets.  I didn't place, winner in my age group was less than 23 minutes.  I think I may have been 4th, third place runner was less than a minute ahead of me.  I was pleased with my time, my last race this year and a good start for next year.