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1989-2010 Races

I like to run.  In high school, I got the nickname 'Road Runner" after the cartoon character, which fit at the time, but not because I did 5K races.  It was because of the way I scooted down the halls between classes.  In my senior year, I did go out for track and ran the half-mile.  A mile was too long for me then, or so I thought.  I was never very good, but I improved a lot during that one season.

When I started doing bicycle marathons, running became a form of cross training for me.  It helped me keep my weight down and was more fun to do in cold weather than biking.  Over the years I've done lot of races, and even come in 1st in my age category a few times, usually because there weren't very many in my category, especially when I hit 60.  There are not too many people still racing at that age, but the ones who still do are usually pretty good, so if I come in first because I'm the only one in my category, I feel pretty good about that.  It says something for my durability.

I've always considered myself a biker who liked to run.  But a couple of years ago I ran so much I started thinking of myself as a runner who liked to bike.  That's when I wrote my fourth novel, The Cherry Red Pumps.  Below is a list of most of the races I've done over the years. 

My Past Races

1989 - 2005 Race Location Distance Time Pace
1989-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 43:39 08:44
1990-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 45:50 09:10
1991-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 43:11 08:38
1992-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 40:30 08:06
1993-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 46:30 09:18
1994-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 47:57 09:35
1995-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 42:41 08:32
1996-05 Big Foot Dansville 8K 61:00 12:12
1998-05-01 Mason Run Mason 5K 31:52 10:16
1998-05-25 Big Foot Dansville 8K 50:27.0 10:05
1998-10-03 Fall Fun Daze Clarkston 5K 26:31 08:33
1998-11-27 Fantasy 5K Howell 5K 28:20 09:08
2000-08-18 Howell Melon Festival Howell 5K 29:54 09:38
2000-10-01 Dino Dash East Lansing 5K 29:37 09:33
2001-05-04 Mason Run Mason 5K 29:51.2 09:38
2001-05-28 Big Foot Dansville 8K 53:01.1 10:36
2002-05-27 Big Foot Dansville 5K 33:51.4 10:55
2005-05-30 Big Foot Dansville 5K 26:33.3 08:34

2006 Race Location Distance Time Pace
2006-04-05 Journey for Sight Lansing 5K 26:19.4 08:29
2006-05-05 Mason Run Mason 5K 25:53.5 08:21
2006-05-29 Big Foot Dansville 5K 26:17 08:29
2006-10-01 Dino Dash East Lansing 5K 26:19 08:29
2006-11-12 Burg Run Laingsburg 5K 26:01 08:24
2006-11-24 Fantasy 5K Howell 5K 26:28 08:32
2006-12-03 Fiesta Marathon McAllen, TX 5k 26:20 08:30

2007 Race Location Distance Time Pace
2007-04-14 Delta Twp Library Run Lansing 5K 27:13.2 08:47
2007-04-29 Komen Race for the Cure Lansing 5K 26:43 08:37
2007-05-04 Mason Run Mason 5K 27:00 08:42
2007-05-20 Capitol Bancorp for JA Lansing 5K 27:36 08:54
2007-05-28 Big Foot Dansville 5K 26:10 08:26
2007-06-01 Cooley Law Race for Education Lansing 5K 26:26 08:31
2007-07-07 Max's Race East Lansing 5K 26:25 08:31
2007-07-22 Ele's Race Okemos 5K 25:52 08:20
2007-08-12 Leg It For Life East Lansing 5K 27:14 08:47
2007-09-09 Kellie Sebrell Trail Run DeWitt 5K 27:11.84 08:46
2007-09-16 Autumn Classic Haslett 8K 43:00 08:39
2007-09-30 Capitol City River Run Lansing 5K 25:17 08:09
2007-10-07 Dino Dash East Lansing 5K 25:58 08:23
2007-11-18 International Friendship TX McAllen, TX 10K 64:00 10:18

2008 Race Location Distance Time Pace
2008-04-05 Trot for the Troops East Lansing 5K 26:36 08:34
2008-04-12 Run for Reading Lansing 5K 25:51 08:20
2008-04-12 Roof of Africa East Lansing 5K 26:37 08:35
2008-05-02 Mason Run Mason 5K 25:28 08:12
2008-05-18 BankCorp Run Lansing 5K 25:46 08:18
2008-05-26 Big Foot Dansville 8K 43:21 08:40
2008-06-07 Lilac Festival Mackinaw Island 10K 55:37 08:57
2008-06-28 Max's Race East Lansing 5K 25:38 08:16
2008-07-18 Leslie Run Leslie 5K 27:12 08:46
2008-07-27 Ele's Race Okemos 5K 25:57 08:22
2008-08-03 Bath Trail Run Bath 5K 27:07 08:45
2008-08-10 Lansing Legislator Tri-athlon Sleepy Hollow Park 500 m swim
20K bike
5K run
2008-09-21 Autumn Classic Haslett 8K 46:11 09:18
2008-10-05 Dino Dash East Lansing 5K 26:41 08:36

2009 Race Location Distance Time Pace
2009-04-19 Race for the Place East Lansing 5K 30:31 09:51
2009-04-26 Komen Race for the Cure Lansing 5K 30:38 09:52
2009-05-01 Mason Run Mason 5K 29:21 09:28
2009-05-16 Capitol Bancorp for JA Lansing 5K 27:54 09:00
2009-05-25 Big Foot Dansville 8K 49:22 09:52
2009-06-05 Cooley Law Race for Education Lansing 5K 29:08 09:23
2009-06-27 Max's Race East Lansing 5K 28:08 09:04
2009-07-19 Eaton Rapids Kiwanis Eaton Rapids 5K 30:04 09:41
2009-07-26 Ele's Race Okemos 5K 28:51 09:18
2009-08-09 Leg It For Life East Lansing 5K 31:39 10:12
2009-08-22 Crim Flint 5K 29:36 09:32
2009-09-13 Kellie Sebrell Trail Run DeWitt 5K 30:20 09:47
2009-09-20 Autumn Classic Haslett 8K 47:11 09:26
2009-09-27 Capital City River Run Lansing 5K 29:26 09:29
2009-10-04 Dino Dash East Lansing 5K 28:51 09:18

2010 Race Location Distance Time Pace
2010-05-31 Big Foot Dansville 8K 61:25 12:17
2010-09-12 Kellie Sebrell trail run DeWitt 5K 30:14 09:45
2010-09-19 Autumn Classic - road Haslett 8K 49:47 10:00
2010-10-10 Green Space Trail Run- trail Mason 5K 31:16 10:05
2010-10-31 Run Through Hell - road Pinckney 5K 30:34 09:52
2010-11-14 Burg Run- trail Laingsburg 5K 29:34 09:32

1992 was my best year ever, but I only did one race.  I trained hard all winter long, mostly on an indoor track at Lansing Community College, but I viewed myself as a biker then, and running was just cross training so I could bike better.  I could run a 7 minute miles on the indoor track (25 laps to a mile).  When the weather warmed up I was training on the bike, not running.  The race I did that year was the Big Foot race which is a hilly, and partly gravel road course that is not fast and I almost ran 8 minute miles for the 5 miles.  I'm sure I would've run a flat fast 5K course in under 25 minutes.

In 1998 I started doing a few other races.  I still considered myself a biker, but I'd stopped chasing the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) and was looking for other activities.

In 2003 I got a heel spur and stopped running altogether for a couple of years until I was well enough to run without hurting.

In 2007 I caught the running bug and ran 14 races, eleven of them in the Playmaker's race series (I missed the Race for the Place) and used the races series as setting from my fictional story about Babs Bennett and her lucky shoes (The Cherry Red Pumps). 
In 2009 I did every race in the Playmaker's race series.

Because I did so many bicycle marathons, I have no desire to ever do a running marathon.  I got it all out of my system.  I love 5K races, 5 mile/8K races aren't bad, and I'll even do an occasional 10K.  That's my limit.

I can think of a couple of races that aren't listed here because I can't find any data on them.  One was the Dart Cancer Run, a 10K in Mason.  Another was a 5K trail run in a park near Clarkston (I think it was for the Campfire Girls).  These races were all pre 2007 (probably pre 2000) and before posting results on the internet became common.  I'm not sure the 1989 Big Foot race was my first one, but it may have been.  I've been pretty consistent about doing the Big Foot races and so I'm probably missing data for 1999.  I may have forgotten other races.

Trail runs are on cross country courses, generally harder,with unpaved surfaces, a lot of turns, and more hills
Road races have mostly paved surfaces, are flatter, straighter, and usually faster.
Some runs on trails (e.g.Lansing Riverfront Trail) are like road races, paved and flat.
I think the hardest couse I've run is the Green Space trail run in Mason, and the easiest could be Ele's Race, or the Autumn Classic.  There are several races that are fast and flat with like those.