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2016 Race results

My goal this year: To keep on running and have fun..

2016 date




my time


Jan 2 Resolution Run Mission 5K 44:34 14:20
Feb 13 Run With Your Heart Mission 5K 36:15 11:40
Mar 12 Leprechaun Chase Edinburg 5K 35:45 11:30
Mar 19 St. Patricks Day run Pharr 5K 35:10 11:19
May 6 * Mason State Bank run Mason 5K 35:10 11:19
May 30 Big Foot race Dansville 8K 60:26 12:09
Jun 12 Aggie Duathlon 5K Dansville 5K 33:47 10:52
Jun 15 Twilight Run Lansing 5K 35:47 11:31
Jun 25 * Max's Race E. Lansing 5K 36:25 11:43
Aug 6 * Mint City 5K St. Johns 5K 34:57 11:14
Aug 14 Camino of St. James Mason 5K 34:02 10:57
Aug 20 Pleasant Lake 5K Pleasant Lake 5K+(4.7mi) 43:07 11:41
Sep 9 * Kelley Sebrell trail run DeWitt 5K 36:08 11:38
Sep 11 Hero Run Holt 5K 32:48 10:33
Sep 18 * Capitol City River Run 5K Lansing 5K 33:41 10:50
Sep 25 * Autumn Classic Haslett 8K 56:27 11:21
Oct 2 * Dino Dash E. Lansing 5K 32:29 10:28
Oct 22 Frightening 5K Leslie 5K 38:11 12:19
Nov 20 Buitron I've Got Your Back McAllen 5K 32:59 11:13
Nov 24 Turkey Trot Mission 5K N/A  
Dec 10 Dasher & Prancer 5K Mission 5k 33:47  
Dec 10 Santa Dash Weslaco 5K N/A  
Dec 31 Resolution Run part 1 Mission 5K 30:16 11:14
* Playmakers Race Series.  There are 13 races in the series. 
01-02 - Resolution Run 5K - Still recovering from my hip surgery and after the Turkey Trot, I decided I better walk more and run less. I really hurt bad the day after the Turkey Trot. I was doing very well, but just before mile two, I got a hamstring cramp and had to slow down. Still managed to beat 45 minutes, which made my very happy. Came in 21st of 25 in the 50+ age group. I was actually the 2nd oldest one in this race and would have come in 5th of 6 in a 60+ age group.

02-13 - Run With Your Heart - Have been running and walking in training and it's helped a lot. Not only has my leg has been getting stronger, but also my aerobic and endurance fitness, a lot of which was lost during my down time after the hip surgery. I was hoping to beat 40 min or possibly 38 in this race. My official time was 34:36 for an 11:10 pace, but the course was a little short of 5K. My phone app says my average pace was 7:15 min/K. Times 5 would make my time 36:15 in a full 5K and pace 11:40 per mile, still much better than my last race. Came in 5th of 8 in the 50+ age group and 1st of 3 if there had been a 60+ age group. I was actually the oldest one in the race.

3-12 - Leprechaun Chase - Times were not kept in this race and the only awards other than the finishers medal was for anyone who beat the leprechaun (a runner dressed as such) and not very many beat him. I ran an amazing race (for me) though I didn't catch the leprechaun. The time posted is from my own watch. What was amazing was that I had my heart rate in the red zone for over half the race, my average HR was 144, and the red zone starts at 148. I had a max HR of 160 at the end. It was a fun time, running around in the Edinburg Municipal Park on trails. My phone app said my average pace was 7:09. Times 5 would make my time 35:45. Not a fast course, but the weather was a cool 55 degrees which helped.

3-19 - St. Patrick's Day 5K - Race had a timed finish (but not the start) this year. My phone app said my race pace was 7:02/K which was a little faster than last week (7:09/k), so my calculated race time would be 35:10 for 5K. (Official time was 35:20) My averge HR was 144, same as last week. Costume I wore Outrageous Costume Trophy

I came in last out of 5 in the 60-69 age group but I won this amazing trophy, the biggest I ever got for anything in my life, and bigger than most of the runners got. It was awarded it to me for the Most Outrageous Costume. I think it was the green hair that did it, though it doesn't show well in the pic.

5-6 Mason State Bank 5K - Good evening for a run. Came in 10th out of 13 in age group. Was happy with my time of 35:10 (same as last race) as I haven't been training, a lot of cold weather and rain in Michigan. I just can't get psyched up.
This race meant a lot to me, because last year my hip hurt,I was limping everywhere, and I came to the race but didn't run because it hurt too much. It was at this race I decided to get surgery for my hip to take care of the arthritis. I'm slower than I was, but I walk without hurting and am very glad I had the surgery. If I get training again, I'll probably regain some of my speed. I plan to bike more this summer and hope to go on a back packing trip also. Heart rate monitor didn't work right.

5-30 Big Foot Challenge 8K - Tried to beat 60 minutes and almost did. My gps said I did, the course was slightly longer than 8K.  I came in dead last in the 8K race although I came first in my age group (the only one in it).  There were actually two races, the 8K, which I did, and a 5K. Typically the slower runners do the shorter race. Maybe I should do the 5K next year. I was happy with my performance. I lost a lot of speed during recovery from my hip surgery last summer and I may never get it back, but I did well for where I am right now. Blip in heart rate monitor.

6-12 Aggie Duathlon 5K - Ran well, my best time since the hip surgery. I finally beat 35 min for a 5K. Weather 60 and sunny. Biking has helped my hips feel good and stay in shape. Came in 2nd out of 2 in my age group. Heart monitor didn't work right.

6-15 Twilight Run 5K - An evening run in the heat; 88 degrees. Riverfront Trail was narrow and there were 288 runners (the biggest turnout ever for this race) with a few little hills, so it isn't a fast course. The heat didn't bother me too much and I ran the whole way (no heart arrhythmia) even though my average HR was 144, max 159 from sprint at end, and I spent 41% of the time in the red zone (above 148). Bobby Crim was there, who is 84 now. Terry Gawel beat me for third in my age group; I took 4th out of 7, 110th overall. I ran well and was happy with my performance in the race.

6-25 Max's Race 5K - Ran slightly slower, but enjoyed the race. Had no problems. Weather was sunny and not hot, a good day for a run. Came in 6th out of 7 in my age group. Course was on sidewalks around MSU campus. Heart monitor didn't work properly again

8-6 Mint City 5K - Warm sunny day, course had some slight hills, ran well. HRM worked, average HR was 141, max was 157. Problem was with the chest strap, when it got sweaty it shorted out, a common problem. Polar chest straps work better. Used the Polar chest strap with the Runtastic monitor. Came in 2nd out of 5 in age group. There was a 10 mile race at the same time, probably the faster runners were in that race. Race occurs a week before the Mint Festival.

8-14 Camino of St. James 5K - Very warm week, didn't train at all, thought I might even walk this race. Humidity was high, fog early, but temp was only 70 at race time. I ran well and surprised myself by almost breaking 34 min, while I was expecting 35-36 minutes based on previous races. Avg HR - 143, max - 155, suffer score 118, used Strava instead of Runtastic. Suffer score - 118 based on max HR of 160. 2nd in age group out of 3. Course has some small hills, but it's a good course and there was no crowding.

8-20 Pleasant Lake 5K-  The course around Pleasant Lake was actually was 3.7 miles (about 6K) and sunny and warm (about 72) and humid. I ran well, avg HR 143, max - 158 using Strava, suffer score = 164 based on max HR of 155. A small race (the first year), they didn't award by age group. I came 15th of the men, 29th overall of about 100 runners and walkers. Nice course, pretty, a few small hills, but nothing serious. Stopped for water, which is why my pace is a little slower. Race results not posted on internet.

9-9 Kellie Sebrell trail run 5K - Warm evening, high humidity, ran harder than expected, avg HR 148, max = 159, suffer score 164 based on max HR of 160, but using custom HR zone settings that Runtastic would use. Anyway, I think it is that hardest I've run all year, but my time was slower because it was a trail run. I snagged a 3rd place finish out of 6 in my age group. I had two arrhythmias, one just before half way and the other just before the finish line. I walked a minute for the first one, but ran through the second one until I crossed the line.

9-11 Hero Run 5K - Finally, some cooler weather (55 and low humidity) and a flat course. Set a PR since my hip surgery over a year ago. Avg HR 148, max 162, suffer score 151. I didn't know I could get my HR that high, but I had a nice sprint at the end. Had no heart arrhythmias. Took 3rd in my age group. I think the race two days ago really warmed me up for this one.

9-18 Capitol City River Run 5K - Nice day for a run in Lansing on streets, which are wide and made passing slower runners easy. Ran well but not as hard as my last run. Avg HR was only 141, max 148, suffer score 125. About half a mile from the finish, something stung me on the back of my left leg above the ankle. I finished the race without stopping to look at it. No heart arrhythmias. Need to find a closer place to park next time. Came in 5th out of 13 in my age group.

9-25 Autumn Classic 8K - Perfect day for a run around Lake Lansing. Ran very well, pacing myself. Avg HR = 141, max HR = 159, suffer score 219. Finished 11th out of 13. I guess the slower runners were doing the 1 mile or 2 mile walk, just the opposiste of last weeks run where the faster runners were doing the longer runs. Was happy to finish under 1 hour.

10-2 Dino Dash 5K - Temp about 55, no wind, cloudy, a great day for a run. Knocked about 20 secs off my best time this year. Avg HR = 146, max = 159, suffer score 143, no arrhythmias. Came in 9th out of 11 in age group. Like last week, slower runners were doing the walk. Feel good.

10-22 Frightening 5K - Temp about 50, nice evening run. Haven't been training lately, time shows it. Avg HR= 139, max= 157, suffer score 108. Came in 2nd out of 2 in age group. Legs tired, ached afterward. Leslie had a pirate theme, with lots of people in costumes. Was surprised by the rather high $50 day of race entry fee. Money raised was for a scholarship fund. Had a good time.

11-20 Buitron I've Got Your Back 5K - 8:00 am run, 45 out early but warmed up some by race time, sunny, light wind, nice day. Course was crowded at the beginning in Fireman's Park. I left my ear buds at home and just ran, not expecting to do real well. But the race went well, and I did a lot better than I expected. I did not tire or slow down on the 2nd and 3rd miles. Max HR =164, avg HR 144, suffer score 123. Whew! I didn't know I could get my pulse that high, but I did it in a training run this week, too, so it wasn't a fluke. I've been working on the sprint at the end. Came in 146 out of 237 in my age group, men 99 and under. OK, they didn't break it out, just awards for the three fastest men, and three fastest women. Race was to help Joey Buitron who has Leukemia. I was good to see a lot of my running friends there.

11-24 Turkey Trot - DId not show

12-5 Dasher & Prancer 5K - Ran from Pepsi Park in Mission. Took 2nd out of 2 in 60+ age group. Was the oldest man in the race. Couldn't get my heart monitor to work. Cool morning, good for running.

12-5 Santa Dash - About 2.3 miles, a fun run, not timed. Most runners dressed in Santa suits. My Strava said 26:49 for an 11:17 pace. 2nd race in the same day.

12-31 Resolution Run Part 1 - about 2.6 miles per my gps. I was a little disappointed in this as it was not 5K, but about half a mile short. There was no timing. Other than that, the weather was nice and I think I ran well. I could not get my cell to pick up my heart rate. I think something is interfering with my app in Pepsi Park as this is not the first time it didn't work there, but it seems to work everywhere else OK.