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2013 Race results

My goal this year: To keep on running and have fun..

2013 date




my time


1/12 Longest Causeway run Port Isabel 10K 68:18 10:59
1/13 Team McAllen individual time trial - bicycle Mission 6.35 mi 23:15  
1/26 Citrus Fiesta 5K Mission 5K 28:30 9:10
2/2 All America City Edinburgh 10K 66:05 10:38
2/9 Arbor Day Challenge McAllen 5K 29:17 9:25
2/16 IDEA 5K Weslaco 5K 29:05 9:21
2/23 Fit & Fun Run Weslaco 5K 27:07 8:43
3/2 Sharyland Band Booster Duathlon Sharyland 2.3 mi run
6.6 mi bike
2.3 mi run
3/16 St Patricks's Day 5K Pharr 5K 30:41 9:52
3/23 Spring Festival - Juan Diego Academy Mission 5K 31:51 10:15
3/30 Valkyrie Trail Series Mission 5K 32:54 10:10
4/6 Run with the Law Edinburg 5K 29:09 9:22
4/13 Run for Dreams 5K McAllen 2.7 mi 23:58 8:52
4/20 Mujeres Unidas - Walk a Mile Edinburg 5K no show  
4/20 Du or Die Mission 2mi run
11mi bike
2mi run
total time
5/3 * Mason State Bank 5K Mason 5K 31:49 10:14
5/18 DASAS - Walk a Mile Three Rivers 5K 28:38 9:12
5/27 Big Foot Challenge Dansville 8K 50:02 10:00
6/9 Dansville 5K Dansville 5K 29:29 9:29
6/19 Twilight Run Lansing 5K 28:44 9:15
6/21 * Capitol BanCorp Mile/5K Lansing *1 Mile
6/29 * Max's Race 5K E. Lansing 5K 29:15 9:26
7/4 Firecracker 5K Corunna 5K 29:25 9:28
8/11 Camino of St. James Mason 5K 28:41 9:15
8/16 Howell Melon Run Howell 5K 29:31 9:31
8/18 Grand Woods 5K Lansing 5K 29:12 9:25
9/8 * Kellie Sebrell DeWitt Trail 5K DeWitt 5K 28:22 9:09
9/11 Hero Run Holt 5K 27:36 8:53
9/15 * Cooley Law Sch Race for Educ 5K Lansing 5K 26:59 8:42
9/20 Albion 5K Albion 5K 28:08 9:05
9/28 Skirt Chaser Madison, WI 5K 28:06 9:04
10/6 * MSUFCU Dinosaur Dash 5K E. Lansing 5K 27:21 8:49 
10/13 Green Space Trail Run Mason 5K 30:27 9:53
10/18 Boo Trail Run Holt 5K 48:15 16:34
10/27 Run Thru Hell Halloween Pinckney 5K 30:20 9:47
11/9 Run 'Tile the Cows Come Home Pawleys Island SC 5K 29:15 9:26
11/28 Turkey Trot Mission 5K 29:11 9:24
12/1 Festival of Lights Hidalgo 5K 28:49 9:17
12/7 Race for the Health of it. Edinburg 5K 30:32 9:55
12/17 Valley Running club 1-mi time trial Mission 1 mi 8:25 8:25
12/23 Jingle Bell Run Mission 5K 29:04 9:22
12/29 Resolution Run Mission 5K 27:37 8:54
* Playmakers Race Series.  There are 12 races in the series.
1/12 Longest Causeway run - 10K race from Port Isabel to South Padre Island.  78, overcast and windy, I was 14th out of 17 in my age group.  8 minutes slower than last year, but I was just glad to be able to do the distance.  I'm struggling right now.

1/13 Team McAllen ITT - cold and windy out, 2nd out of 2 in my age group. 

1/26 Citrus Fiesta 5K - Nice flat mostly paved course in a park, good for a run.  Results not posted.

2/2 All America City 10K - run on closed city streets in Edinburg with large turnout because of prize money.  Came in the middle of my age group.  9th out of 18 in my age group.  1800+ runners.

2/9 Arbor Day Challenge - cool but humid, I felt like I ran faster than my time showed.  2nd out of 4 in age group

2/16 IDEA 5K - a cool morning, temp 55, and a northerly breeze, but good for running.  1st out of 2 in age group..

2/23 Fit & Fun Run - good running weather, temps in low 60's, overcast with a gentle breeze, felt good and ran well.  Some friends said the course was a little short; according to their gps, it was only 3.0 miles.  Came in 1st out of 1 in my age group and won some nice prizes.  Results not posted.

3/2 Sharyland Band Booster Duathlon - 50 degrees and slight NW wind at start.  The run part was paved and flat, an easy course.  4 miles of the bike part were on rough blacktop, but traffic was very light there, so it wasn't too bad.  The rest of the bike part was on smooth blacktop and a nice shoulder.  I was happy with my performance.  Came in 6th out of 10 in the 50 and over group

3/16 St Patrick's Day Run - Been a tough week, hurt my knee somehow (don't know what I did) and didn't train.  Wasn't sure I could even run this race, thought I might have to walk it.  Got a slow start, caught behind a lot of slow runners and walkers, but managed to run the whole way and knee didn't bother me  (yay!).  Time is my own, race was not chip timed but had a chip finish.  Came in 9th out of 10 in age group.

3/23 Juan Diego Spring Festival 5K - 74, humid and no wind, this was a sweaty race.  I was disappointed with my time because I thought I ran well and should have beat 30 minutes.  I took my bike and rode the course after to check the distance and came up with 3.44 miles, a 9:15 pace, which would make sense with my current running ability and how I felt.   Came in 1st out of 2 in my age group.

3/31 Valkyrie Trail Run - 10K runners started at first light around 7:00am, 5K runners started about 15 minutes laters.  Good weather, a slight breeze, not too hot, I ran really good, and thought my time should have been faster, but trail running is harder.  Race organizer said the course was about 5.2K.  Came in first in Masters (40-over) for the 5K.

4/6 - Run with the Law
- 5K -Edinburg Police put this one on to raise funds for child abuse.  Times not kept, everyone got a finishers medal.  Temps in the 60s and a slight breeze, route was back and forth across a golf course, a trail run.

4/13 - Run for Dreams - Child abuse prevention month, put on by A World For Children.  Course was obviously short, I couldn't run a 5K that fast.  Someone said it was only 2.7 miles (probably even shorter), so I'm going with that.  I felt that I ran OK.  Times not kept, I have no idea where I placed.

4/20 - Du or Die - Had registered to run in the Walk a Mile 5K, supporting women against violence and rape, but at the last minuted German talked me into switching races.  Mujeres Unidas still has my support (and entry fee).  I was happy to beat last years time (by less than a minute).  Weather couldn't have been better.  I did a better job of pacing myself on the bike and made the transitions quicker, but I'm slower this year.  Came in 92nd out of more than 140, and was the oldest competetor (first time that's happened).  Came in first in age group (60-69) out of, well I was the only one. This time when I got off the bike my legs had a really hard time running at first, something I didn't notice in the Sharyland du earlier this year, probably because the bike part was a lot shorter.

5/3 - Mason Run - Had knee pain right almost from the start and nearly dropped out.  I ran slow and the pain gradually went away so by the time I started the third mile I was running normal.  It pays not to give up too soon.  I finished fourth out of eight in my age group, earning me 3 unexpected points in the Playmakers Race Series.  Was a little disappointed that I didn't beat 30 minutes, but at least I'm still running.

5/18 - DASASMI 5K - First annual race, times not kept, awards for first three men and first three women. I barely beat the third-place woman. I ran well and was happy with my time. The course may have been a touch longer than 5K, easy out and back, flat on asphalt.

5/27- Big Foot Challenge 8K
- A small race, tough course with gravel roads and hills, I thought I ran well, especially the last mile. 55 degrees and cloudy, weather was great for running.

6/9 - Dansville 5K - A very small race, in conjuction with a Du-athlon (5K run, 10 mi bike, 5k run). Weather was good, 65 at race time and cloudy, course mostly flat and paved.  Because of problems with my right hip, I rested all week from running and walking athough I did some biking including a 60 miler on 6/8. I saw a chiropractor but I don't think there's much he can do. Biking doesn't bother my hip and I can still run, but I can seem my running days are limited.

6/19 -Twilight Run - good weather, not beastly hot or rainy like the last two years. I felt good and ran well but only came in 4th out of 4 in my age group and 85th out of 210 overall. No medal but I got a nice T-shirt.

6/21 - Capitol BanCorp Mile - Warm with a breeze, about 84 and partly cloudy.  Rivertrail was narrow, but runners lined up according to ability so it wasn't too congested.  Felt good at start, ran my heart out in the one mile race and was happy to beat 9 minutes.  Don't normally run 1 mile races so I didn't know how to pace myself.  Came in 32nd out of 36 in the Men's Masters (40 and over) category.  In my age group (65-69) I came in 3rd out of 3, but that was good enough for 5 points in the Playmakers Race Series.  Second race, the 5K, was half an hour later and I felt tired from the first race so during the first mile I ran it more like a training run just for fun, but by the second mile I was feeling better and passed some of the people who passed me earlier.  Came in 2nd in out of 4 in 65-69 age group, and 190th overall out of 428. and 103rd out of 161 men.  Lots or running friends there, had a good time. Found two four-leaf clovers. 

6/29 - Max's Race - Signed up at the last minute and ran OK, coming in 4th out of 4 in my age group, which earned me another 3 points in the Playmaker's Race Series, for a total of 11 points.  Cool and threatening rain but good running weather.

7/4 - Firecracker 5K - Hip bothering me, haven't been able to get enough training in to improve.  Felt good at race, 70 degrees and overcast with slight breeze, a good day to run.  A mostly paved flat course with with no hills but a lot of turns.  First out of 2 in age group, came in 47 out of 128 runners overall.

8/11 - Camino St. James 5K - Possibly my fastest race this year after not running at all for a month but doing over a thousand miles on the bicycle.  Was having problems with my right hip and biking fixed it up.  1st in age group out of 2.  A slightly hilly course, temps in mid 60s and sunny but there was some shade and a good pancake breakfast after the race.

8/16 - Howell Melon Festival 5K - Legs were sore from a 50 mile bike ride to Hell the day before.  Course was somewhat hilly and parts were on trails.  Wasn't sure I could make it in 30 min and was really glad I did.  Large race, came in 3rd out of 6 in age group.

8/18 - Grand Woods 5K trail run - Legs felt good and though I'd beat 30 min, which I did.  Course was all trail, no pavement, somewhat hilly with one steep hill that I walked up.  Was the only one in my age group, but I came in 1st out of 7 all runners 60 and over.  A good traill run, but the Green Space trail run in October is harder.
9/8 - Kellie Sebrell 5K trail run - Finally getting relief from hip pain, massaged muscles by sitting on a baseball.  Had some good training runs this week and was very happy with my 28:22 time on this tough course. 2nd out of 5 in age group.  Weather was cloudy, temps in the mid 60s and a light breeze, course was well marked but somewhat hilly.

9/11 - Hero Run 5K - Lest we forget 9/11/2001.  A race to honor those willing to risk their lives to serve others.  Was feeling good and ran 5K in the morning to tune up for this evening race whereas normally I rest the day before a race.  Course was mostly flat and mostly on roads.  Temps around 80 and a breeze.  I ran really well and now that I have my hip problem solved, I think I'm on the way to improving my race time again.  1st in age group out of 4.

9/25 - Cooley Law Race for Education 5K - About 52 degrees, used arm and leg warmers, and ran well., getting under 27 minutes for the first time this year.  Came in 4th out of 8 in age group.  The three who beat me all came in under 25 minutes, which beat my best time ever.  Came in 136 out of 667 entrants.

9/20 - Albion Run 5K - temps in the low 70s and humid.  Sprinkled some during the race, could have used gills.  A good hill on the back side slowed me down.  Everyone was saying it was a tough course and that their times was slow. It may have been a little longer than 5K according to a couple of guys who had gps. Ran well and hard. Came in second out of five. Official time was 27:52. I used the time on my watch, don't know why there is such a big difference.  Measure the course using Google Earth and it seems to be close to 5K, not long. A small race, I came in 45 out of 77 overall.
9/28 - Skirt Chaser 5K Madison, Wisconsin - I wondered what it would feel like to see the women all disappear before I could even start running. The women had a three-minute head start in this race, sponsored by Skirt Sports. Would I catch anyone? As it turned out, I did after about 5 minutes there were a couple of women walking, but I didn't catch any women who were running until after my second mile. Looking at the results, no men were walking. I came in 41st out of 47 men runners.  There were no kids in this race, in the 1-19 age group there was one 15 year old girl. I was 2nd oldest, one guy 2 years older than me and he beat me, so I came in 2nd in my age group (60-69). There was no one 70 or older in the race. There were 101 women and 47 men. Overall I came in 97th out of 148. The first two finishers were women. The largest age group for both men and women was 30-39 with 20 men and 43 women. The times posted for men on the web site are three-minutes longer than the actual running time. I adjusted for that in the above table.
Overall, I was hoping to beat 28 minutes and almost did. The weather was warm, and windy, threatening rain.  The course had no big hills, was mostly flat and paved. I think the distance was accurate. I think I ran well but can do better.

10/6 - Dino Dash 5K - This race was done in two waves, the first wave for those who expected to finish in 30 minutes or less, the second wave for those who expected to finish in more than 30 minutes. I was in the first wave, hoping to finish in 28 minutes. The two waves were scored separately and only the first wave counted toward the Playmaker's Races Series. I came in 5th out of 6 in my age group, scoring 1 point in the race series and was very happy with my time on this humid, muggy day. This was the last race in the race series and I finished with 22 points, the most I've ever had. even though I only did six out of a possible 8 counted races, which landed me in 6th place in my age group in the series

10/13 - Green Space Trail Run 5K - About 50 degrees and sunny at race time on this tough course. Ran well, but not all out, this course was meant to enjoy, not race. I've been having trouble with my right hip hurting after a run so I took a few days off from training this week and didn't race too hard. At the beginning of the race it looked like it was going to take me 32 min to finish, so I must have picked up the speed at the end. Second out of 4 in age group (60 and over).

10/18 - Boo Run 5K - This trail run at Burchfield park was a lot of fun. I'd been not feeling well this week so I didn't really want to "race" the event. Instead I got my daughter, Sarah, to go with me and I went at her speed, not mine. We crossed the finish line together on her first face ever. I'm proud of her for doing this. We came in 92 and 93rd out of 111. She was 9th out of 11 in her age group and I was the only one in my age group. I hope we do a lot more races together in the future.

10/27 - Run Thru Hell - Halloween - 33 degrees at race time, brrr, but no wind.  Course hilly, mostly on a gravel but well packed road. Came in 1st in age group. Some people had costumes, but I didn't this time, just 2 pair of tights, three light weight long sleeve shirts, and a wide headband. Time was OK, I felt before the race that I probably wouldn't break 30 minutes. Training didn't go well this week.

11/9 - Run 'Til the Cows Come Home - In South Calolina on my way to Texas while visiting my cousin Bill, who did the race with me, though he walked. He came in 1st place in his division of walkers, 6th overall out of 15. I came in 4th out of six in my age group and 63 overall out of 107. The course was flat and paved, the weather was cool. We had a good time.

11/28 - Turkey Trot - In Mission Texas, frost on the ground at race time, I was happy with my time since I hadn't run at all since my last race. Course flat and paved, but not well organized. Race was supposed to start at 8:00 and it was almost 8:30 when we actually started. Kept my own time, don't know where I came in.

12/1 - Festival of Lights - Hidalgo, TX featured over 3 million lights on this course after dark. The course was flat, temp was about 70 during race, with little wind, it was a good night to run. Unfortunatelly my official time was about 49 minutes because I must have got off the course. I finished 5K in under 30 minutes and stopped running because I was lost. I used the gps on my cell to walk back to the start, since I had no idea where I was. It's the first time I ever got lost in a race. The good news is that I was a little faster than my last race, and I did run well. Results not posted, time is from my smart phone.

12/7 - Race for the Health of It - Edinburg Municipal Park - a nice park on a cold day, about 40 out with a bitter north wind. I ran well the first two miles, but I think the guy ahead of me made a wrong turn and I followed him around part of the course backwards. My last mile was rather slow. Time is from my smart phone, times not kept. Came in 41st overall.  May have been 1st in age group, I didn't see any other older men, but I didn't hang around for the results. It was too cold. It was not one of my better days.

12/17-Valley Running club 1-mi time trial - this time trial was chip-timed and the course was accurate.  The race was held to determine our ability in running so Hector could set a recovery pace and long run pace for us. I didn't have my racing shoes on or maybe I'd have been a little faster, but no matter, my recovery pace is 11:25/mi and long run pace is 10:55/mi. No rewards given, out of 50 runners I came in 21st.  Everyone was a winner.

12.23 - Jingle Bell Run 5K - Monday evening run at Bentsen Palms Community Park, with bells on my shoes, I ran well with negative splits (9:27, 9:16, 9:11, but had problems after mile 3), and finished 3rd out of 4 in the 50+ age group and 46th overall out of 138. Was the oldest male and 2nd oldest overall. Temp about 60 and almost calm, a good evening to run.

12/29 Resolution Run 5K - New course at the Shary Rd store of Valley Running Company, flat and fast, all paved.  Temps in the low 50s and little wind.  Came in 2nd out of 2 in the 65+ age group , 85th out of 154 men,108th out of 363 runners, and 3rd oldest overall, 2nd oldest man.  My time was one of my faster ones recently. Enjoyed the race.  Mile splits: 8:41, 8:56, 9:22.  Sort of died at the end, was too hot.  I shouldn't have worn the light weight tights.