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2017 Race results

My goal this year: To keep on running and have fun..

2017 date




my time


Jan 1 Resolution Run part 2 Mission 5K 36:29 11:55
Jan 15 McAllen half marathon McAllen 13.1 3:17:38 14:39
Feb 4 Edinburg All American 10K Edinburg 10K 1:12:59 11:45
Feb 11 Run With Your Heart Mission 5K 33:33 10:49
Feb 25 Thin Mint Sprint McAllen 5K 36:31 11:47
Mar 4 KMB Arbor Day McAllen 5K 34:46 11:13
Mar 25 IDEA Healthy Living Expo Weslaco 5K 33:03 10;40
May 5 Commrcial Bank Mason 5K Mason 5K 41:51 13:10
May 20 PHMS 10K DeWitt 10K 1:12:04 11:21
May 29 Big Foot Challenge Dansville 8K 59:31 11:54
Jun 24 Max's Race E. Lansing 5K 33:06 10:39
Jun 29 Bring Back the Mile Okemos 1 mi 10:23 10:23
Jul 15 Ele's Race Okemos 5K 32:58 10:37
Jul 22 Race to Freedom Potterville 8K 54:10 11:18
Jul 29 Dansville 5K Dansville 5K 35:54 11:35
Aug 5 Mint City St. Johns 10 mi 1:59:37 11:58
Aug 12 Camino of St. James Mason 8K 55:30 11:10
Sep 17 Capitol City River Run Lansing 13.1 mi 2:55:48 13:26
Sep 24 Autumn Classic Haslett 8K 59:46 12:01
Oct 1 Dinosaur Dash E. Lansing 5K 36:41 11:49
Nov 23 Turkey Trot Mission 10K 1:17:05 12:29
Dec 30 Resolution Run Mission 5K 35:50 11:32
* Playmakers Race Series.  There are 13 races in the series. 
1-1 Resolution Run part 2 5K - New Year's Run - No timing, but at least the course was close to 5K, my gps said it was 3 miles. I didn't run as well, my right knee was a little sore, and I was having a grumpy day. Again, I could not get my cell to pick up my heart rate.

1-15 McAllen Marathon - half - I did not register for this race but walked unofficially with some friends who did. Time is per Strava on my cell. Nice day, got a little windy near the end. I had a good fast walk most of the way and jogged the last mile. Didn't use the heart monitor. This was my first ever half marathon. I probably could have been faster, but speed was not my primary concern. I did want to know how I'd feel after, and this was training for a 50 mile walk I want to do next summer.

2-4 Edinburg All American 10K - Cloudy day, temps in the 60s, good day for running. Came in 13 out of 15 in age group, ave HR 139, max 159, suffer score 224. I feel good about my time today, I've been struggling and thought I might have to walk some, but I didn't. I feel like this might be a turning point for me, where I can get some of my speed back.

2-11 Run With Your Heart 5K - Run at Mission Hike & Bike trail, pleasant day for a run. Had a short arrhythmia but finished strong. Pleased with my pace. Avg HR 144, Max HR 161, suffer score 126. Took 3rd out of 5 in the 60+ division, was the oldest one in the race

2-25 Thin Mint Sprint 5K - Run at Fireman's Park, temp about 70 and a little windy, ran well the first mile (10:58 pace) and then my legs got tired, which has been happening a lot lately. Max HR was 142, avg HR was 132, suffer score 59. I just couldn't run fast enough to get my HR up in the 150s. Took 1st in my age division, 60+, but the other guy was walking. This race was to support the Girl Scouts, and I did get a box of Thin Mints with my race package. There were a hundred girls 14 and under and quite few moms, but only 20 guys in this race. I liked the course, but a most of it was dirt. Glad it hadn't rained lately.
   This was the day of the Jalapeno 100, I did 50 miles on my mountain bike in the morning. Must have had a lot on my mind, I ran in my regular trainers and forgot to put on my racing shoes.

3-4 Keep McAllen Beautiful Arbor Day 5K - Rain or threatening rain type of morning. I'd signed up for the 25 mile bike ride after the race, but didn't do it because of wet roads and the threat of more rain. But I ran really great in the race, so after being in a slump I was very happy. Max HR 154, avg HR 140, suffer score113. I had two arrhythmias, one just after halfway in the race and the other after I crossed the finish line. This time I had a special monitor on so I got them recorded for a doctor to look at. There was a 10K race at the same time, so I figure the faster runners did that one. I came in 2nd in the 60+ age group out of 5.

3-25 IDEA Healthy Living Expo 5K - Race at 9am, started a little late, all on trails within the Estero Llano Grande State Park. It was warm when the race started, expecially when the sun came out. I was totally drenched in sweat when I finished. Ran well, but I was gradually slowing, probably due to the heat. Max HR 158, avg HR 142, suffer score 114. Had one arrhythmia and walked a bit shortly after the first mile but then kept going. Since I was wearing a heart monitor at the previous race and had two episodes there, my doctor informed me that my heart was beating normally and there was nothing wrong. So apparently the throbbing I feel in my chest is not an arrhythmia, but something else. I may never know what it is, but a few of my friends have told me they have it too. I don't seem to be getting any faster in spite of interval training and regular running. I think the trouble I was having Feb 25 was an infected tooth, which has since been pulled and has healed. When the body is fighting an infection, it drains energy and would explain why my legs tired in the middle of that race.
I came in 91 out of 233 male runners. There were no age group awards.

5-5 Commercial Bank Mason 5K - Ran slow, just couldn't get going. Came in 8th out of 9 in my age group. I'd been doing a lot of walking lately and feet were tired, haven't been running for almost 3 weeks. The temp was in the low 50s, at least it wasn't raining. Max Hr 158, ave 125, suffer score 48.

5-20 PHMS 10K - Had a good race today. Temp about 45 at start, 55 and end. Came in last in age group 7th of 7, but the slower runners were in the 5K. I would have been 3rd in that group, Kept my HR around 140 to pace myself. Actually ran a little faster than I did in Edinburg in February, and I thought I did great in that race, so I am happy. Had no problems during the race. Course had a few little hills, no problem. Felt good after the race, legs didn't hurt. Avg HR 140, max 156 at the end. Suffer score 238.

5-29 Big Foot Challenge 8K - Was a little disappointed in my time today. I ran the course the previous day and should have rested. I thought my body could handle it, but I was tired and the last mile was very hard. Weather was nice, sunny, around 60, light breeze. Avg HR 143, Max 156, suffer score 224. GPS said avg pace 11:44/mi, but 3 days ago I did it in 11:15/mi. Came in 3rd of 3 in 65-69 age group.

6-24 Max's Race 5K - Nice cool weather, about 60. Felt I ran well. Max HR 160, avg 145, suffer score 130. Had one episode @HR 153 about half way. Came in 8th out of 10 in 65-69 age group. Winner had a 6:54 pace. Whew! That's fast.

6-29 Bring Back the Mile - Temps in the 80s, but a nice evening. Did not use heart monitor. I think I went out too fast, I was out of breath the whole way. Was disappointed in my time as I thought I should break 10 min. This was four laps around the track at Okemos High School. A lot of waiting around before the race. Men were in three heats, I was in the last(slowest) one. Saw a lot of my running friends there: Joe Toth, Bill Keller, Jack Carlton, Jim Owens, Dan Talhelm, Gerard Wllbrink, Tom Wilbur, Veronica Jackson, Katie Donnelly. They were all faster than me. Came in 3rd of 3 in age group.

7-15 Ele's Race 5K  - Sunny in the 60s. My fastest 5K this year, broke 33 min for the first time. Race was run entirely on roads in the Jackson National Life property. Came in 7th out of 14 in age group. Avg HR - 141, Max HR 158, suffer score 126.

7-22 Race to Freedom 8K - in Potterville, race supports the fight against human sex trafficking. Had techincal difficulties. Phone got wet at quit working. Didn't start my watch at the beginning, only recorded 3.5 miles of the race on Strava. Rain actually helped, it blocked the sun and kept kept me cool. I had my best 5 mile time of the year. Avg HR - 144, max HR - 158, suffer score 164, but would have been higher since it didn't record the first 1.5 miles. Came in last of all the men in the 8K, but I beat 4 women. Came in 3rd of 3 in my age group. There was a 5K run at the same time, so most of the slower runners did that. Most of the course was paved, but there was a good stretch of gravel road.

7-29 Dansville 5K - Very nice day, around 70 partly cloudy, I had walked a 50 mile hike on Monday and had my feet taped up from blisters to protect them. They didn't hurt during the race, but I had walked very little during the week to let them heal up, so I wasn't at my best.
Ave HR 137, max 148, suffer score124. Had to walk three times during the race. Was just glad to finish.

8-5 Mint City 10 mi - Lovely cool morning, temps 55-65, course mostly paved streets, some gentle hills. This was my first ever 10 mile race. I thought I might be able to run it in 2 hours, and that's what happened. Avg HR 135, max 149, suffer score 328. Came in 5th out of 5 in my age group. The last mile was hard, my legs were getting tired.

8-12 Camino of St. James 8k - Another cool morning, temps 55-60, sunny, a good day to run.
Had two hard training days this week so didn't run for two days to rest up. Ran well. Avg HR = 143, max HR = 156, suffer score = 218. Came in 4th of 4 in age group, 61st of 78 overall. I like the last half mile of the race, a long gentle downhill. This is billed as a pancake run but I ate the egg casserole.

9-17 Capitol City River Run 13.1 mi - My first ever half marathon. Weather wasn't hot, course went east on Michigan Avenue to Michigan State campus, through parks and trails and along the river front, ended in the Lugnuts stadium. I had a hard time getting started but by mile 5 I had found my pace and was actually enjoying the run and the sights. I kept that feeling and took it all the way to the finish line although I was getting tired at the end. I didn't hurt at all during the run, but after my legs just ached and my right hip hurt and I limped back to my car. I was happy that I beat 3 hours and was amazed that I could run so far without walking, but I have doubts that I'll ever do another half marathon. I just hurt too much afterwards. Avg HR 131, max 156, suffer score a whopping 375. Came in 16th of 17 in age group.

9-24 Autumn Classic 8K - It was going to be a sunny 90 degree day, but it was only 75 at the end of the race so it wasn't too bad. Avg HR 139, max 154, suffer score 229. Came in 9th of 13 in age group. I only ran once since the half marathon last week and I hurt after that, but today I ran fairly well and I didn't hurt after, so I guess I'm recovered from that half marathon now.

10-1 Dinosaur Dash 5K - Race was not memorable for me.  Weather was OK, course was on the scenic Michigan State campus, but my heart was not in it. Ran so so. Finished 8th ut of 10 in age group. Did not record HR. Looking for some cooler weather in October and a change of pace. Taking a break from running, not registered for any other races. Planning to do some back packing and hiking.

11-23 Turkey Trot 10K - Only 44 at race time, brr. About 700 runners, both 5K and 10K, showed up at Bentsen Palm Park on Inspiration Rd for this event. I came in 4th out of 4 in my age group, I just keep getting slower. I'm to the point where it's not about speed anymore, I'm just doing it so I can keep on doing it. I don't want to be a sofa spud. Avg HR 133, max HR 152, suffer score 192. I started out slow thinking my HR would increase and it gradually moved up to around 130. At mile 4 I started thinking I could go higher. A good song by ABBA (One of Us) came on my earbuds so I kept beat with it and my HR went up to 140. I had a good finish and after walked two miles in the park. It was a sunny day and I enjoyed being out.

12-30 Resolution Run 5K - About 55 out and misty, no wind, roads wet. I ran well, it was actually good weather for running. Made a new friend, Yvette, who keeps trying to beat me but so far hasn't. Avg HR 137, Max 162, suffer score 127. My 11:26 pace surprised me, I was thinking maybe 12 min pace. Haven't see the official results yet.